"Glocalizing" Your Campus: From Aspiration to Implementation

Saturday October 10, 2015 11:15am to 12:15pm

How does a college or university community come together to successfully advance institutional global learning aspirations? Dr. Davis-Salazar will provide a big picture view of the process for infusing global learning into the undergraduate experience as well as practical steps for defining a shared set of learning outcomes, developing collective strategies that cross disconnected units, and integrating the curriculum and cocurriculum for meaningful and sustained impact. She will highlight the importance of understanding institutional contexts and working within existing structures and systems, while simultaneously forging new pathways that connect sites of global learning across and beyond campus. Having recently transitioned from an AAC&U-supported pilot project on global citizenship to a university-wide initiative, Dr. Davis-Salazar will share her perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and rewards of “campus glocalization.”

Karla L. Davis-Salazar
Director, Global Citizens Project and Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies
University of South Florida