The Coming Transformation of Liberal Arts Education: Preparing to Succeed in a New World

Flipped Session
Thursday January 23, 2014 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Utilizing a case-study for focus, this session will engage participants in a facilitated discussion exploring the implications of disruptive innovations such as adaptive learning platforms, competency-based degrees, and MOOCs on the business models of traditional residential, four-year colleges.  Participants will work collaboratively to identify strategies through which traditional, four-year colleges could thrive in a radically transformed higher education landscape by embracing new technologies where it makes sense to do so, while preserving and even enhancing their liberal arts core. The admittedly audacious goal is to identify at least two models for delivering a baccalaureate education that would yield the liberal arts outcomes we associate with four-year colleges, while embracing new technologies, lowering the cost of attendance, and remaining financially vibrant. 

Richard Holmgren
Vice President of Information Services and Planning
Allegheny College