Summer Symposium, June 14, 2021

AAC&U’s Summer Institutes Symposium

Improving and Accelerating Quality and Equity Initiatives at Scale

June 14, 2021
Virtual Learning Experience




This one-day symposium is designed to bring together teams consisting of state-level leaders and leaders from their campuses who aspire to bring high-impact practices, general education reform, increased equity, and/or meaningful assessment strategies to scale within and across institutions in their state.  The symposium will highlight practices and approaches from diverse state contexts.  The symposium is a stand-alone event, but it can also be seen as a companion to either AAC&U’s Institute on General Education and Assessment, which precedes the symposium, or AAC&U’s Institute on High Impact Practices and Student Success, which follows it.  The symposium state teams will engage in planning activities to foster coordinated, cross-institutional collaboration in the service of improving and accelerating their quality and equity initiatives.  In addition, those engaged in guided pathways projects and state student success center efforts will find this symposium essential to their work.  Institute participation, although encouraged, is not required to participate in this symposium. Leaders and their members of broad-based consortia and associations are also welcome and encouraged to participate in this event.


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