Institute Goals -

Civic Prompts in the Major: Designs in Social Responsibility and the Public Good 

This one-day faculty institute focuses on how departments can scaffold opportunities across the major for students to engage with public questions; work with diverse others to address pressing local, national, or global issues; and prepare to enter their workplaces with a heighted sense of public responsibility. 


  • Provide dedicated space for departmental teams through hands-on work to expand students’ opportunities to deepen their civic knowledge, skills, and values in order to inform their sense of agency and responsibility to the larger world, both locally and globally.
  • Offer an abundant set of materials to assist departments seeking to remap civic designs in the major and assess them along the way.
  • Make available consultants who have deep knowledge of civic learning, democratic engagements, equity, diversity, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • Expand regional and national networks of peers as departmental teams commit over time to creating majors that foster equity, social responsibility, and public-mindedness.
  • Reinforce for faculty members their larger purposes as educators, scholars, and citizens to create inclusive, compassionate, just democratic societies.


  • A greater sense of the range of possible designs they might adapt for their majors
  • A clearer sense of next strategic steps in their action plan to share with their home department and institution
  • A richer network of professional colleagues and consultants to turn to as their work progresses
  • A strengthened conviction that it is possible to create learning environments that foster more expansive public commitments from students and faculty alike
  • A renewed conviction of how such redesigns can deepen disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge at the foundation of the major
  • An underscored sense that decisions they make about educating students for civic and social responsibility matter to the workplace, communities, the nation, and the world

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