2021 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work

Building Strong Connections for Students Across the Educational Experience

Brought to you by the Office of Global Citizenship for Campus, Community, and Careers

Virtual Learning Experience


The 2021 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work (ILSW) provides institutions with time, resources, and support to develop and advance institutional-level efforts to expand integrative learning. Teams will explore and create ways to build students’ capacity to integrate knowledge and skills across disciplines and curricular and co-curricular experiences, transfer learning to new, complex experiences within and beyond campus, and embed learning into signature work. ILSW sessions led by national experts will emphasize the value of leveraging general education, interdisciplinary, integrative and experiential approaches, and cocurricular experiences to achieve campus goals to expand integrative learning and community engagement. Today’s college graduates must be able to integrate knowledge and skills, as well as apply them within in real-world settings. By participating in the ILSW, campuses have the opportunity to reexamine and refresh their civic missions to support equity, student learning, and preparation for full civic lives and careers in local and global contexts. It is also important to build across students’ educational experiences and embed signature work in reform efforts as a way to promote equity, authentic assessment, and student inquiry.

The 2021 ILSW is also held in collaboration with the Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence, led by Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and AAC&U. Teams accepted to the Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work or the Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-Wide Interfaith Excellence have access to sessions and expert faculty from both Institutes.

Campus Team Outcomes

The Institute provides practical guidance, mentoring, and resources for campus teams to:

  • develop action plans that embed integrative learning and/or signature work
  • identify ways to leverage general education, interdisciplinary and problem-based learning approaches, and/or global and civic practices to promote equity, authentic assessment, and student inquiry
  • learn how to embed integrative learning and signature work across the education experience for students
  • develop courses or programs that integrate problem-based inquiry and civic learning
  • design integrative learning experiences that promote equity-mindedness and full participation
  • integrate assessment of broad student learning into curricular and co-curricular learning; and
  • empower leadership at multiple levels to facilitate change efforts aligned with integrative learning
  • integrate preparation for full civic lives and careers in local and global contexts into students' educational experiences
  • explore integrative learning practice for virtual and/or in-person instruction.

Who Should Attend?

The ILSW is designed for teams of faculty, of all types, staff, and administrators at all phases of campus reform efforts. Because integrative learning, signature work, and community engagement, cross multiple areas of campus work, teams can explore a range of campus reform efforts via this institute, including general education reform, connection of general education and major curricula, connection of the curriculum and cocurriculum, scaling global learning efforts, and strategies for advancing equity. The minimum team size is five people, including at least one senior academic officer. Campuses interested in applying are encouraged to consider a diverse range of possible team members who may represent important stakeholders in reform efforts, including faculty (from a range of disciplines), student affairs professionals, assessment directors, campus staff (e.g. registrar), and community-engagement leaders.

Questions may be directed to Jasmine Epps at [email protected] or 202-884-7429.