2021 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success

Enhancing Institutional Capacity for Quality, Equity, and Student Engagement

Virtual Learning Experience

A Note Regarding COVID-19

Based on public health projections and the prevailing travel restrictions for higher education institutions, we have decided to conduct the HIPs Institute virtually.

About the Institute

The 2021 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success is designed to advance campus and system-level efforts to achieve quality, equity, and student engagement goals through the design, implementation, and assessment of high-impact practices. Teams will work with Institute faculty to identify opportunities to deepen connections between students’ assets and their educational experiences in preparation for lifelong success.

Drawing on evidence-based research that demonstrates a positive relationship between student participation in high-impact practices (HIPs) and improved student outcomes, teams will define and start to develop curricular and co-curricular practices to support student engagement, advance curricular coherence, and generate equitable outcomes. Utilizing the VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) as a guiding framework, participating teams will define and strengthen processes for directly assessing student achievement of learning outcomes as a result of participation in high-impact practices. These processes will help campus and system-level teams set and monitor progress towards equity goals to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Campuses will examine efforts to implement educational change and bring effective practices to scale in a time of unprecedented changes, limited resources, and variations in modes of delivery. The Institute program addresses ambitious goals for intentionally serving all students, improving both completion rates and the quality of student learning, and it is highly relevant for institutions at various stages of work.

AAC&U reemphasizes its commitment to educating for democracy through the design of high-impact practices that prepare students for success in work, life, and productive citizenship.

Campus Team Outcomes

  • Develop a comprehensive action plan to implement HIPs to advance equity, student learning, and success;
  • Design high-impact activities across the curriculum, co-curriculum, and modalities to serve all students;
  • Generate plans to support educators in bringing quality HIPs to scale;
  • Develop direct and indirect assessment plans for HIPs; and
  • Learn how to embed diversity, equity, and engaged inclusivity into the design of HIPs that align with institutional priorities.

Who Should Apply?

Teams interested in developing faculty-engaged, evidence-based, sustainable models and strategies to advance quality and equity in student learning outcomes are invited to apply. All regionally accredited two- and four-year institutions are encouraged and eligible to apply.

For additional information on the Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success, please contact Nicole Fry at [email protected].