2020 Virtual Conference on Transforming STEM Higher Education

Accelerating Undergraduate STEM Education Reform

Virtual Event

Everything Must Change, the 1970s jazz hit by Benard Ighner, offers both a commentary on and a forecast for the reform of STEM higher education. The crippling impacts of a global pandemic, social unrest, political turmoil, and a scientifically illiterate populace have fundamentally changed how we see ourselves, our institutions, and the work that lies before us. Hopefully.


AAC&U and its Project Kaleidoscope urgently invite you to join us virtually for a STEM Conference that will grapple with the undeniable truths, paradoxes, and peculiarities of what is at the heart of our nation’s STEM higher education reform enterprise—us. Through a new lens—shaped by contemporary realities, our own ten-year transformation to embody a voice and a force for undergraduate STEM reform, and our co-creation with you of a national agenda—the stage is now set for deeper levels of awareness and examination of the conditions that are required for true reform to take place. These conditions begin with the recognition that the mere commitment to include the broadest range of STEM faculty and student talent is necessary, but insufficient, because true inclusion must be desired—and desired for the right reasons. Second, leadership—at all levels—matters. Period. And third, the tragedy and sorrow of current events lead us to agree that we can no longer afford to delay the inevitable change that must occur within each of us.

Nothing and no one goes unchanged.”

The AAC&U Conference on Transforming STEM Higher Education, offered virtually for the very first time, will not only advance undergraduate STEM education reform to dimensions that bring diverse perspectives and worldviews to bear on levers of change, but will also guarantee that our nation’s capacity to use those levers to drive innovation, discovery, and social change will improve. Join us for this conference to give voice, not just sound; demonstration, not just intent; and purpose, not just a plan to our collective efforts to understand, interpret, and accelerate STEM higher education practice, research, and policy in ways that advantage all and disadvantage none.

Call for Proposals

The 2020 call for proposals is now closed.

We invite you to submit a proposal that examines the range of contemporary opportunities for—and challenges to—STEM higher education, Through this conference, we aim to advance an undergraduate STEM education reform agenda that drives innovation, discovery, and revolutionary social change.

Upon submission of a proposal, the primary session contact should receive an automatic message indicating that AAC&U has received the proposal. If the contact does not receive this message (and it is not in his/her spam filter), please email [email protected]

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