About Diversity & Democracy

Diversity & Democracy supports higher education faculty and leaders as they design and implement programs that advance civic learning and democratic engagement, global learning, and engagement with diversity to prepare students for socially responsible action in today's interdependent but unequal world. According to AAC&U’s Statement on Liberal Learning, “By its nature…liberal learning is global and pluralistic. It embraces the diversity of ideas and experiences that characterize the social, natural, and intellectual world. To acknowledge such diversity in all its forms is both an intellectual commitment and a social responsibility, for nothing less will equip us to understand our world and to pursue fruitful lives.” Diversity & Democracy features evidence, research, and exemplary practices to assist practitioners in creating learning opportunities that realize this vision.

Emily Schuster, Editor
Ben Dedman, Associate Editor
Ann Kammerer, Design
Michele Stinson, Production Manager
David Tritelli, Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs

Dawn Michele Whitehead, Editorial Advisor
Tia Brown McNair, Editorial Advisor
Caryn McTighe Musil, Senior Editorial Advisor



Diversity & Democracy Advisory Board
Harvey Charles, University at Albany, State University of New York
Timothy K. Eatman, Rutgers University–Newark
Ariane Hoy, Bonner Foundation
Shanna Smith Jaggars, The Ohio State University
Hilary Kahn, Indiana University–Bloomington
Kevin Kruger, NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
George Mehaffy, American Association of State Colleges and Universities / American Democracy Project
Catherine Middlecamp, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Tania Mitchell, University of Minnesota
Eboo Patel, Interfaith Youth Core
Richard Prystowsky, Marion Technical College 
John Saltmarsh, University of Massachusetts, Boston
George Sanchez, University of Southern California
David Scobey, Bringing Theory to Practice
Daryl Smith, Claremont Graduate University
'Dimeji R. Togunde, Spelman College
Rowena Tomaneng, Berkeley City College
Kathleen Wong (Lau), San José State University

Diversity & Democracy (formerly Diversity Digest) is published quarterly and is available at www.aacu.org.

The opinions expressed by individual authors are their own and are not necessarily those of Diversity & Democracy’s editors or of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. ISSN 2476-0137 (print); ISSN 2476-0145 (online)