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Current Issue


Creating a Civic-Minded Culture

As our deeply divided nation confronts the devastating effects of a global pandemic and accompanying economic crisis, along with the continuing destructive legacy of racial injustice, the need to build a civic-minded culture comes clearly into focus. Colleges and universities provide excellent environments for constructing civic-minded cultures that cultivate graduates who bring civic values and practices into the wider society. Whether in person or online, colleges and universities bring together people with different life experiences, empowering them to care for each other and work together for positive change.

Table of Contents

By Emily Schuster, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Creating a Civic-Minded Culture

Caryn McTighe Musil, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Ashley Finley, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Dawn Michele Whitehead, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Verdis L. Robinson, Civic Specialist

Charles H. F. Davis III, University of Michigan; Felecia Commodore, Old Dominion University; and Kyah King, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Civic Engagement at the Macro Level

Nancy S. Shapiro, University System of Maryland, and Karen Olmstead, Salisbury University

John Reiff, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, and Cynthia Lynch and Cindy Vincent—both of Salem State University

Jodi Fisler, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and Lynn E. Pelco, Virginia Commonwealth University

C. Edward Watson, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Jeff Rosen, Higher Learning Commission

Campus Practice

Amy Conrad Warner, Mary F. Price, Leslie A. Bozeman, and Stephanie Leslie—all of Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis