Diversity & Democracy: Current Issue

Current Issue


Undergraduate Global Health Education: Innovation and Evolving Practices

Undergraduate global health education is a relatively new field that exemplifies how a liberal education can prepare students for work, life, and citizenship in an interconnected world. Contributors to this issue explore themes that are relevant across higher education, including experiential learning, cultural humility, critical reflection, ethical engagement, social justice, constructive dialogue, curricular coherence, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

This issue of Diversity & Democracy was produced in partnership with, and funded in part by, Allegheny College. The Association of American Colleges and Universities would like to thank Caryl Waggett and Vesta Silva of Allegheny College for their leadership and guidance in serving as guest editors for this issue.

Table of Contents

By Emily Schuster, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Undergraduate Global Health Education

By Vesta Silva and Caryl Waggett—both of Allegheny College

Supporting Our Students

By Starr K. Sage, J. Roxanne Prichard, and Amy C. Finnegan—all of the University of St. Thomas.

Supporting Programs and Structures

By Dennis McCunney, East Carolina University; Nora P. Reynolds, Haverford College; Erin Sabato, Quinnipiac University; and Robin Young, Child Family Health International.

By Anna West and Anne Montgomery—both of Haverford College

By Carlos A. Faerron Guzmán, Centro Interamericano para la Salud Global—InterAmerican Center for Global Health (CISG)

By Andria E. Rusk, Florida International University

By Dawn Michele Whitehead, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Alumni Reflections

By Benjamin Merrill, Creighton University and the University of California–San Diego

By Elissa Edmunds, Allegheny College and American University; Oreill Henry, Allegheny College; and Emily Kovalesky, Allegheny College and the University of Southern Maine.

By Tara Sarkar, Cornell University and Tufts University

By Garrett Devenney, Allegheny College and Drexel University