Diversity & Democracy: Current Issue

Diversity and Democracy, Fall, 2017

Current Issue


Building Institutional Capacity for Student Success

This issue of Diversity & Democracy suggests a range of approaches to building institutional capacity for student success. Contributing authors describe leadership and innovation at multiple levels, from the individual to the cultural to the infrastructural, with a focus on creating strong frameworks for student advancement.

Table of Contents

By Kathryn Peltier Campbell, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Building Institutional Capacity for Student Success

By Lauren Roy, College Unbound; Liya Escalera, Bunker Hill Community College; Stephanie Fernandez, University of Massachusetts Boston; Ebru Korbek-Erdogmus, University of Massachusetts Boston; Jennifer Reid, Bridgewater State University; Adam Bush, College Unbound; and John Saltmarsh, University of Massachusetts Boston

By Gary A. Packard Jr., United States Air Force Academy

By Thomas R. Bailey, Teachers College, Columbia University

Campus Practice

By Daniel López Jr. and Luvia Moreno, Northeastern Illinois University

By David J. Aragon and Carla L. Hoskins, University of Colorado Boulder

By Russell Lowery-Hart, Cara Crowley, and Jordan Herrera, Amarillo College

By Avis Proctor and Marielena DeSanctis, Broward College


By Marsha Guenzler-Stevens, University of Maryland

By Jennifer Randall Crosby, Stanford University, and Derisa Grant, Bowdoin College

By Cherishe Cumma, New York City College of Technology/City University of New York