Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2012

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Making Excellence Inclusive: Higher Education's LGBTQ Contexts

This issue of Diversity & Democracy explores how higher education is creating classroom and campus forums that engage with LGBTQ issues.

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From the Editor
Featured Topics

By Heather W. Hackman, associate professor of human relations and multicultural education at St. Cloud State University and founder, Hackman Consulting Group

By Michele DiPietro, executive director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and associate professor of statistics, Kennesaw State University

By Dorothea Brauer, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Advocate (LGBTQA) Center, the University of Vermont

By David M. Donahue, professor of education at Mills College

By Sivagami Subbaraman, director of the LGBTQ Resource Center, Georgetown University


By Nick Davis, assistant professor of English and Gender Studies at Northwestern University

By Beverly Guy-Sheftall, founding director of the Women's Research and Resource Center, Spelman College

Campus Practice

By Sara E. Cooper, professor of foreign languages and literatures; Gail Walton, assistant professor of child development; and Christopher Ivey, assistant professor of biology—all of California State University, Chico

By Marilyn Kurata, director of Core Curriculum Enhancement; Rosie O'Beirne, instructor in the Department of History and Anthropology; and Elizabeth Casswell, student—all of the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Research Report

By Warren J. Blumenfeld, associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Iowa State University

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