Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2008

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Class on Campus: Breaking the Silence Surrounding Socioeconomics

Socioeconomic class has dramatic effects on opportunity within and beyond college—yet it is a challenging topic of conversation for students and faculty alike. This issue of Diversity & Democracy provides some tools to guide difficult discussions about class in the hopes of creating more inclusive campuses and a more equitable world beyond.

Table of Contents

By Kathryn Peltier Campbell

Featured Topic

By Susan E. Borrego, California State University-Dominguez Hills

By Elizabeth Grassi, Joan Armon, and Heidi Bulmahn Barker, Regis University

By Rory Gilbert, Maricopa County Community College District

By Sherry Lee Linkon, Youngstown State University


By Katherine Fusco, Vanderbilt University

By David Seitz, Macalester College

Campus Practice

By Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder, Purdue University 

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