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Forthcoming Publication - January 2019: We Have a Rubric for That: The VALUE Approach to Assessment

The newest publication in a series of reports on the AAC&U Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) initiative, We Have a Rubric for That: The VALUE Approach to Assessment, compiles ten years of evidence to provide an argument-based framework for the assessment of student learning in higher education using the VALUE rubrics. Since their release in 2009, VALUE rubrics have been used in several initiatives to assess student work across institutions, states, and countries. Further, a review of the research literature elucidates the widespread use of the rubrics and documents the benefits and challenges curricular and co-curricular users face. We Have a Rubric for That is a validity framework with evidence from a wide range of sources including: the growing body of scholarly literature examining the VALUE rubrics; AAC&U-commissioned research; AAC&U-administered surveys of users; data generated as part of the several grant funded VALUE collaboratives (2014-2017), including commissioned analyses of the data conducted by recognized methodological experts; and interviews with the key personnel involved in the VALUE rubric design, creation, training, and implementation processes from its inception. Do you wonder if the VALUE approach represents essential learning needed for student success? Do you have confidence in the results when using VALUE rubrics? If the results can help educators enhance student learning quality? Are the VALUE approach results useful for professional development, institutional assessment for learning, capacity building, and/or accreditation? This publication provides timely evidence of the power of the VALUE rubric approach across higher education.

Publications on the Current VALUE Research Initiative:

Big Progress in Authentic Assessment, But by Itself Not Enough
Daniel F. Sullivan & Kate Drezek McConnell (2017). Article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, which cites selected results from the MSC Demonstration Year (2015-2016)

On Solid Ground
In a report released on February 23, 2017, AAC&U shared the results from the first two years of data collection for the VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) initiative, a nationwide project that examines direct evidence of student learning.

The VALUE of Assessment: Transforming the Culture of Learning
Terrel L. Rhodes (2016). Article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, which discusses the benefits of creating an institutional culture of assessment as a high impact practice for improvement and learning.

MSC Demonstration Year (2015-2016) Results
Download PowerPoint slides of MSC Demonstration Year (2015-2016) Aggregate Results

MSC Pilot Year (2014-2015) Aggregate Results
Download PowerPoint slides of MSC Pilot Year (2014-2015) Aggregate Results

It's Time to Get Serious About the Right Kind of Assessment
A letter from Daniel F. Sullivan, President Emeritus, St. Lawrence University; Senior Advisor to the AAC&U President; and Chair, AAC&U Presidents’ Trust (May 2014)

How Reliable Are the VALUE Rubrics?
Ashley Finley (2012). Results of a national inter-rater reliability study on the VALUE rubrics.

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