National Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Action Network

Thanks to the firm commitment and enthusiasm of over 60 national organizations, local organizations, higher education institutions, scholars, practitioners, and philanthropists, The Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Action Network gathered statements of commitment (pdf) preceding the publication of A Crucible Moment to advance civic learning and democratic engagement as an essential cornerstone for every student. This dynamic and influential network of organizations and higher education institutions will help to fulfill a bold national agenda that will move civic learning from the periphery to the center of student learning. A full list of network commitments in 2012 can be found here (pdf).

To advance the recommendations in A Crucible Moment over time, AAC&U convened in 2012 thirteen national civic learning and higher education organizations that have collaborated for over six years to make civic learning expected rather than optional for college students.  While two organizations have changed over the last six years, each is a national organization with extensive reach and influence; each participated in roundtables that shaped A Crucible Moment, and each has committed to using its infrastructure to sustain progress in educating for diverse democracies and globally responsible citizens.  Together, these organizations reach some 2,000 universities and colleges (both two-year and four-year) and include more than 8 million students. Through coordinated strategies, the CLDE Action Network aims to keep the national civic engagement agenda visible through conferences, publications, joint projects, research, webinars, and other resources.

The 2019 CLDE Action Network