Judith A. Ramaley



AAC&U Distinguished Fellow
Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success


Collaboration for Student Transfer: A Nationwide Degree Qualifications Profile Experiment
January 11, 2016

Collaboration for Student Transfer: A Nationwide Degree Qualifications Profile Experiment highlights key lessons learned from AAC&U's Quality Collaboratives project. It focuses on learning outcomes assessment and faculty leadership in the context of increased rates of student mobility and transfer. The project sought to build the capacity of educators to use the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) as a framework for successful student transfer that emphasized the quality of student learning, rather than seat time or credit hours; and sought to help partnering two- and four-year institutions strengthen transfer students' achievement of AAC&U's LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. The publication reports on the work of two-year and four-year institutions in nine states—California, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, and North Dakota—that built on existing transfer articulation policies and practices and explored ways to enhance student transfer success. The report highlights potential models-described through comprehensive case studies-for enhancing student transfer through the lens of quality learning and demonstrated achievement.

Collaboration for Student Transfer is accompanied by two smaller booklets—Assessment Practices for Advancing Transfer Student Success, which features practical advice about developing collaborations to advance learning outcomes assessment in the context of transfer; and Action Steps for Advancing Transfer Student Success, which highlights lessons learned from cross-campus engagement and robust collaborations, presented in ten case studies. (Both booklets are available as PDFs at no cost.)


These publications are ideal for campus practitioners and state systems who are actively working to enhance transfer student success and build capacity to assess and track achievement of learning outcomes.

The Quality of a College Degree
October 6, 2015

This report examines the larger policy environment and how it is and isn’t aligned with current efforts to focus on assessment of key student learning outcomes, especially in the context of transfer. It builds on lessons learned in AAC&U's DQP Quality Collaboratives project.  Authors provide recommendations for framing policy debates about more efficient and effective transfer from two-year to four-year institutions that account for students’ achievement of key learning outcomes articulated in the Degree Qualifications Profile. The publication also provides a framework for better aligning state and campus policies with a twenty-first-century vision of quality learning and with current patterns of student attendance.  Ideal for campus discussions about improving transfer student success and collecting better data on student achievement, the publication also includes case studies from two-year/four-year Quality Collaboratives campus partners.