L. Ryan Musgrave

L. Ryan Musgrave

Senior Fellow, Office of the President, Rollins College

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ryan Musgrave is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rollins College. As a graduate of Mary Washington College (Honors) and Purdue University (M.A., Ph.D.), she has served at Rollins as Honors Degree Program Director, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Director of the Women’s Studies Program.

For over 15 years, she has taught domestic and international immersion courses, graduate courses in the Liberal Studies M.A. program, and interdisciplinary courses the Holt Evening Program. She has earned numerous grants (National Humanities Center, National Endowment for the Humanities, Associated Colleges of the South, Florida Humanities Council) for interdisciplinary work on sociopolitical philosophy, philosophy of education, normative and applied ethics, and aesthetics. Her expertise/publications on American pragmatists John Dewey and Jane Addams centers on the evolution of ‘American pragmatic liberal education’— an experimental, innovative approach marked by critical questioning, diversity of viewpoints, integration of STEM and Humanities, and hands-on learning.  Her recent work charts how crucial this model ( and American higher education generally) are to the functioning of participatory democracies, both in the U.S. and other geopolitical contexts.

She is currently at work on 2 sabbatical projects: the first examines this education-for-democratic-participation model in the U.S. 20th century context of Black Mountain College, and charts the evolution of American democracy and educational methods from then into our present-day 21st century context (with our related, but different, pressing sociopolitical and ethical needs). Her second current sabbatical project examines international uptake, importing, and adjusting of this liberal educational model, specifically as it has been utilized and adjusted for sociopolitical aims in countries as diverse as Japan, Morocco, and Africa.