Heather McCambly

Program Coordinator, Office of Community College Research and Leadership, University of Illinois

Heather McCambly is project coordinator for the Pathways to Results Initiative in the Office of Community College Research and Leadership at the University of Illinois. Previously she served as a program associate in AAC&U’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success at AAC&U. A passionate advocate for educational equity, Heather has dedicated her career to increasing college access for non-traditional, low-income, and racial and ethnic minority students. For nearly four years, Heather managed student support programs and led diversity and international initiatives at Lewis & Clark Law School. She has also conducted educational research and evaluation at the Gateway to College National Network and Portland State University. Heather’s analysis and research has informed policy conversations at Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission and the Oregon University System, where she served as an Oregon Fellow working on state-level student success and diversity policy issues relevant to Oregon’s college completion goals. Heather received her M.A. with honors in Educational Leadership and Policy from Portland State University in 2013. She completed her thesis on the equity implications of performance based budgeting systems, specifically relevant to student support and diversity programming.