2022 Conference on Transforming STEM Higher Education

Pre-Conference Workshops

NSF Hours

Thursday, November 3, 2022 /

Introduction to the NSF Portfolio and Funding Opportunities

To solve pressing societal challenges such as climate change and clean energy, the Nation needs a well-trained STEM workforce with the skills required to rapidly translate science and engineering discoveries into innovative technologies and wide-scale solutions. NSF recognizes the need to build a diverse workforce to assure the Nation's competitiveness in science and technology. The AAC&U STEM Conference invites attendees to NSF HOURS – a two-part, pre-conference workshop series that showcases and offers insight into the most recent funding priorities for advancing the reform of US STEM education. Workshop leaders will discuss future directions of undergraduate STEM education reform, review funding mechanisms for broadening participation in STEM, and provide technical assistance for proposal development and submission.

  • Co-presenter: Mary Crowe

    Program Officer, National Science Foundation

  • Co-presenter: Michael Davis

    Program Officer, National Science Foundation

  • Sonja Montas Hunter

    Co-presenter: Sonja Montas-Hunter

    Program Officer, National Science Foundation


Thursday, November 3, 2022 /

Overcoming challenges to interdisciplinary teaching

Introductory undergraduate science courses are typically siloed, limiting opportunities for students to integrate knowledge across disciplines. Tackling the challenge of interdisciplinarity requires innovation, collaboration, and resources. This workshop, developed by the NSF RCNUBE-funded (STEM)2 Network, is appropriate for instructors and administrators, addressing both large and small-scale challenges to interdisciplinarity. Based on Design Thinking and emergent outcomes, participants collaborate using Design Thinking to address larger disciplinary or institutional scales and the Concept Overlap REsource (CORE) to encourage interdisciplinarity at classroom scale. The CORE is a collaborative online resource that aligns concepts articulated by each discipline as critical to include in their respective undergraduate courses. Participants will develop a novel solution to implement at their institution that reimagines how to promote interdisciplinary teaching, identify opportunities to be explicitly interdisciplinary in one of their courses, and be able to leverage the CORE to support interdisciplinary teaching at their institution.

  • Co-presenter: Jessica Santangelo

    Associate Professor, Hofstra University

  • Co-presenter: Alison Hyslop

    Professor and Associate Dean, St. John's University

  • Eugenia Villa Cuesta

    Co-presenter: Eugenia Villa-Cuesta

    Associate Professor of Biology, Adelphi University

Thursday, November 3, 2022 /

Leading Differently Through Experiential Learning, Focusing on Active Reflection and Situational Application

This workshop will engage participants in the major tenets of experiential learning, intentionally focusing on creating spaces for reflection and awareness of who participants are as leaders. We invite participants to join PKAL STEM Leadership Institute (SLI) leaders and mentors in experiential learning exercises (ELEs) designed to develop leaders of inclusive and systemic change in STEM higher education. PKAL has over 30 years of transforming STEM education. This includes providing effective leadership development for STEM faculty through the STEM Leadership Institute (SLI). Nearly 60% of the SLI’s leadership development is grounded in experiential learning. This workshop will expose participants to ways of building collaborative learning communities, co-creating space for reflective practice, and facilitating inclusive spaces for challenging conversations with the goal to Lead Differently.

  • Co-presenter: Mary Majerus

    Director Teaching & Learning, Dept. of Mathematics & Physics, Westminster College

  • Co-presenter: Brandon E. Schwab

    Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Western Carolina University