Community Colleges: AAC&U is for YOU!

AAC&U supports the educational mission of all colleges and universities across the global landscape of higher education and partners with campus leaders and educators at all levels.

Institutional members of AAC&U benefit by providing opportunities for all faculty, staff and student campus community members to acquire and cultivate useful ideas and prospects for action through engagement with a diverse group of educators representing all types of educational institutions…as well as access to exemplary events, initiatives, programs, educational training, research and publications.

The great strength of AAC&U resides in its membership and leadership!

Sharale Mathis

Sharale Mathis, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Holyoke Community College (Holyoke MA) discusses the value of AAC&U membership for Community Colleges

Joanne L. Russell

Joanne L. Russell, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, City University of New York Kingsborough Community College (CUNY) elaborates upon the value of AAC&U membership for Community Colleges

A Message from Lynn Pasquerella

Lynn Pasquerella, President, AAC&U

What Are the Specifics?

  • Over 100 Community Colleges are currently AAC&U Institutional Members, with representation on the AAC&U Board of Directors.
  • Hundreds of members from Community Colleges participate in AAC&U Annual Meetings, as well as Conferences, Institutes, workshops and Webinars.
  • Members from all types of Higher Education institutions agree that the diversity of institutional and individual AAC&U members brings valued expertise and perspective to engagement opportunities.

“Some of the most innovative work in higher education today is being done at community colleges. It’s more important than ever to reinforce the public purposes of college and universities and the return on investment for communities, workforce development, and individual thriving. At AAC&U, we strive to support the unique ability of community colleges to advance the value proposition for American higher education.”
- Ashley Finley, AAC&U Vice President for Research and Senior Advisor to the President

AAC&U provides research studies in support of Community Colleges: “Community College Survey on Civic and Community Engagement” to be released in July 2024

Now is the time...AAC&U is for YOU!

To join today for FY25 at a 25% discount, or to learn more about the benefits of membership contact Lee Peters, Senior Director of Membership, at [email protected] or (202 )888-5092.