Civic Learning and Engagement Assessment Instruments

The Civic Working Group gathered a list of major instruments for assessing civic learning, and then invited practitioners to provide feedback to help create a detailed map of the state of civic learning assessment. AAC&U and American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) collaborated on the creation of an inventory of valid instruments to aid campuses seeking to assess student civic learning and engagement as part of their institutional or programmatic outcomes. Through funding from the Lumina Foundation, the two associations collaborated to assemble a national task force of experts on civic learning and engagement.

The Civic Learning and Engagement Assessment Instruments: Characteristics and Dimensions inventory of civic learning and engagement assessment instruments below is not exhaustive; however, key instruments have been included. The inventory examines the instruments for four primary dimensions of civic learning and engagement – civic knowledge, civic skills, civic values and civic motivations, as well as information about availability, purpose and issues for each of the assessment instruments. A companion literature review, Civic Learning and Engagement: A Review of the Research Literature on Civic Learning Assessment and Instruments, provides discussion of those instruments that have been utilized in published studies.

We are indebted to the Lumina Foundation for supporting this work.

We invite feedback on the inventory from the civic learning community; send to