Using the LEAP Challenge and/or Making Excellence Inclusive on Your Campus

There are many possibilities for using the LEAP Challenge and/or Making Excellence Inclusive as catalysts for deepening discussions on your campus and moving conversation to action.

For example, your fall 2015 matriculation convocation or a faculty retreat might be appropriate contexts in which to explore the LEAP Challenge.  Alternately, these events may provide opportunities to open difficult dialogues regarding equity concerns on campus. 

Perhaps a gathering of parents of current or potential students could provide a venue in which to highlight employers’ views of the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes, and the connections between signature work and future flourishing in careers and civic life.

A board meeting could prompt a productive discussion about the need to reinforce the importance of high-quality learning for all students, to acknowledge the equity divide and add substance to the retention and completion agenda.

The goal is to urge members of your campus community—beyond the “usual suspects” who are consistently involved in general education and/or diversity and equity work—to take the LEAP Challenge and Equity Imperative seriously, and mobilize additional action toward high-quality liberal learning and inclusive excellence.