Bring AAC&U’s Centennial to Your Campus: The LEAP Challenge

The LEAP Challenge Discussion Prompts 

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What is LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) and The LEAP Challenge?


What should all graduates—regardless of major—know and be able to do when they engage in Signature Work and complete their degrees? Has your institution clearly articulated learning outcomes for all students?


What sorts of purposeful structures or guided pathways will give students ample opportunity to practice key skills throughout college; explore “big questions”; connect their learning across general education and majors and between classroom and community contexts; reflect on their learning; and apply their learning to complex, real-world problems? Is general education on your campus integrative and vertical? How does, or might, the curriculum culminate in Signature Work?


How can we make the civic engagement and global learning that helps to prepare students for Signature Work pervasive and expected, rather than scattered and optional? How pervasive are these types of learning on your own campus?


What kinds of pedagogies lead to better student learning and engagement that prepares them for Signature Work?  How many of these (and other) types of active, engaged teaching are regularly conducted on your campus? How can we make sure that all faculty have the training to provide high-impact practices, and that all students have equal access to those approaches?


Once we have a clear set of learning outcomes, integrative and vertical curricular designs, and high-impact practices that lead to Signature Work and attention to student well-being—how do we know we are achieving our goals with regard to quality learning for all students?  What authentic evidence can we collect to support our claims of excellence, and to ensure that we continue to improve our programs? Where is your campus with regard to conducting regular assessments of student learning, and “closing the loop” by using results to implement needed change?