Bring AAC&U’s Centennial to Your Campus


In our Centennial Year, AAC&U is intensifying its focus on quality and inclusive excellence. We invite and encourage our members to join with us in advancing campus-based dialogue and action.

  • In The LEAP Challenge, you are encouraged to make Signature Work—a substantive project in which a student applies cumulative learning to a significant problem she or he defines—a goal for all students on your campus, and evidence of quality liberal learning.
  • Making Excellence Inclusive (the Equity Imperative) asks you to make a pervasive commitment for equal access to, and diverse and low-income students’ participation in, the most empowering forms of college learning.

We invite you to engage your faculty and staff in conversation and action with regard to one or both of these pressing issues. 

  • For more about these conversation possibilities, click here.  
  • For resources and discussion prompts related to the LEAP Challenge, click here.
  • For resources and discussion prompts related to Making Excellence Inclusive, click here.