Centennial Focus on Equity and Inclusive Excellence

For many years, AAC&U has provided leadership to the higher education community on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  AAC&U projects, publications, meetings, and institutes highlight and help faculty and other educators implement the most effective curricular designs and teaching practices for an increasingly diverse population.

As part of its Centennial Year, AAC&U is building on this prior work and foregrounding the urgent need for stronger leadership and increased campus action to bring together work on equity with work on improving the quality of college learning outcomes to ensure all students’ long-term flourishing and success.  Centennial efforts are specifically focused on the long-term flourishing of students from groups traditionally underserved by our educational systems.

The association sees equity as a fundamental goal of higher education and as vital to democracy, to a democratic workforce, and to the global position and wellbeing of the United States.  Yet America’s persistent gaps in education, income, and wealth are widening, with the fastest growing segments of our population the least likely to have the opportunities they need to succeed.

As part of its Centennial year, AAC&U is sponsoring a series of events and has developed a set of resources and projects to advance the “equity imperative” throughout its 2015 and beyond. Please click on the links below for additional information. 

Select Resources on Equity and Inclusive Excellence:

President Schneider’s Message on the Centennial

AAC&U Board Statement on Inclusive Equity

Step Up and Lead for Equity 

  • A report presenting data about—and challenging higher education to address—economic divides, attainment and achievement gaps, and access to quality learning

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation containing the charts and select quotes from Step Up and Lead for Equity.

Commiting to Equity and Inclusive Excellence 

  • A campus guide for self-study and planning with regard to expanding opportunities for making excellence inclusive

America's Unmet Promise

  • Includes data on college completion and educational opportunity, as well as frameworks and principles for evaluating equity and advancing institutional change

For a comprehensive list of AAC&U's publications on diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence please click here.  

Projects on Equity and Inclusive Excellence:

Making Excellence Inclusive

Developing A Community College Student Roadmap

Transparency and Problem-Centered Learning

General Education Maps and Markers

For a list of meetings on diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence, please click here.