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Campus Women Lead

Types of Workshops

Leadership for Inclusive Excellence
Flexibility is an integral part of the design of this workshop. Facilitators work directly with host institutions to tailor content to that institution’s needs, goals, and specific historical context. Possible topics include:

  • The Meaning of Inclusive Leadership
  • Multicultural Alliance Building: Benefits and Skills
  • Development of Cultural Leadership Toolkits
  • Using Your Sphere of Influence to Effect Change
  • Institutional Eco-systems: Negotiating Change in Complex Organizations
  • Learning Edges: How To Identify and Use As Signposts

Women Leading for Change: Cultural Identity as a Tool for Empowerment
This workshop guides women of color and their allies as they identify impediments to leadership positions in the academy and strategically develop pathways for access. The workshop directs attention to the inherent misalignment between culturally embedded behaviors for women of color and the dominant privileged culture of the academy. Women of color attempting to navigate this misalignment can encounter marginalization, under-valued competencies, and sometimes even self-defeating behavior. This workshop will examine culturally stimulated expressions as tools for success rather than barriers. Members of privileged groups will begin to understand the effects of institutionalized dominance and the benefits of responsible alliances. Participants will begin to develop personal tool kits that validate and empower, working as equal partners and catalysts for institutional transformation.