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Global education, or global learning, is not about national borders—it is about sharing problems, knowing that many challenges ultimately affect everyone because of the interconnectedness of today’s world citizens. Models of Global Learning provides a descriptive analysis of the global... Read More

The Faculty Collaboratives Rubric is modeled on the VALUE rubrics.  Project leaders intend this rubric to help state teams assess their progress and make further plans for development and sustainability of the collaborative hub site and associated statewide network for faculty professional... Read More

As institutions seek to be more intentional about their global learning, many institutions have guiding definitions of global learning.  Here is a list of definitions from a variety of AAC&U member institutions.Read More

Some institutions have created broad learning outcomes for all students that include a global focus. Here are a few examples from AAC&U member institutions.

Butler University

Carnegie Classification: Master's Colleges... Read More

The Center for Urban Education, in collaboration with the Lumina Foundation, has created a series of tools designed to enable leaders to carry out practices and strategies that will increase equity in higher education policy.Read More

Many institutions have identified global learning outcomes to identify what a global learner can do. Here are a few examples of global learning outcomes from a variety of AAC&U member institutions.

Dozens of individuals from a variety of disciplines and institutions identified what... Read More

These slides summarize results from the Multi-State Collaborative Demonstration Year (2015-2016) involving 48 institutions in twelve states using common rubrics to assess more than 8,000 student work products. The sample of student work in the pilot represented the near-graduation students... Read More

Published as part of AAC&U’s ongoing work on “Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement,” Civic Prompts addresses the undergraduate major as the next frontier of civic learning. A practical tool for building faculty capacity meaningfully to embed... Read More

The Association of American Colleges and Universities and The Democracy Commitment hosted a series of webinars to expand campus expertise on how to hold constructive conversations about contentious issues and how to institute practices in and out of the classroom that foster engagement across... Read More

LEAP States Summit presentation by Amy Jessen-Marshall, AAC&U, Nancy Budwig, Clark University, Heather King, Ivy Tech Community CollegeRead More