Campus Models and Case Studies

McDaniel College
The McDaniel Plan, a new general education curriculum, increases the number and depth of science courses students must take—including a mandatory laboratory experience.

In assistant professor Peter Craig's Kitchen Chemistry course, first-year college students sniff spices, boil vegetables, and investigate the properties of baking powder. His colleague Shabbir Mian's students use prisms and spectroscopes to answer questions about natural phenomena like sunsets... Read More

St. Olaf College
St. Olaf

At many colleges and universities, math departments operate as "filters," sifting out all but the strongest students until only a small number remain as math majors. At St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, the opposite is true. There, the math department aims to work as a "pump," infusing... Read More

Smith College
The Picker Engineering Program believes that "engineers must appreciate and understand the human condition."

An all-female liberal arts campus might, initially, appear to be an unexpected location for a progressive engineering program. But Smith College leaders believe strongly that this type of highly technical program—integrated fully with strong elements of a liberal education—is appropriate, even... Read More

Arizona State University
Arizona State University

"Sustainability" has in recent years become a watchword in global development and environmental fields. Focusing on a nexus of ecological, economic, and social needs, the sustainability movement seeks to ensure that development and prosperity in the present are not purchased at the expense of... Read More

University of Washington
The University of Washington is a large, public research institution based in Seattle.

The transition from high school to college can be disorienting, especially for students attending large research universities. In recent years, however, many institutions have experimented with curricular innovations—learning communities, first-year seminars, common reading programs—that can... Read More