Campus Models and Case Studies

Eastern Oregon University
Students in a first-year seminar about conducting original research studied EOU seniors and determined that professor-student interactions were very important to their success.

Eastern Oregon University has faced challenges in the past several years that were disheartening even for an institution founded on a sense of can-do frontier optimism. The university, an institution of about 3,700 students located in La Grande, Oregon, serves a remote rural area the size of... Read More

College of Wooster
College of Wooster

When College of Wooster Assistant Professor Meagen Pollock stands in front of one of her geology courses, she's thinking beyond what her students need to accomplish during that class period, or even during that semester. Pollock is constantly thinking about how she can ensure that her students—... Read More

University of Michigan
University of Michigan

When University of Michigan Assistant Professor Michelle Lee McClellan and the undergraduate students in her History at Work course began researching the history of the New Deal-era camp structures in Michigan’s Waterloo State Recreational Area in 2008, they thought they had a storybook heroes-... Read More

California State University-Chico
California State University at Chico developed its Town Hall program for first-year students to help them connect their classroom learning with the wider world of public discourse.

California State University-Chico Dean of Undergraduate Education William Loker remembers an evening in the fall of 2007 when he and a visitor from the CSU chancellor's office mingled with students and faculty members after a "town hall" meeting in which students led discussion groups about... Read More

University of North Texas
UNT is the largest provider of distance learning in Texas, and faculty wondered if they could apply some online teaching innovations to traditional classrooms. (Photo courtesy of University of North Texas/University Relations, Communications and Marketing)

In the mid-2000s, the University of North Texas was pioneering distance learning methods, providing more online instruction than any other institution in the state. But the new pedagogies being created and refined for these online classes—taken mostly by graduate students and adult learners—were... Read More

Utah Valley University
Utah Valley University

Engaged Learning Energizes Utah Valley University and Community

When Haagen Klaus, an assistant professor of anthropology, arrived at Utah Valley University in 2008, he was prepared for change. Moving from a large research institution in the Midwest to the teaching-... Read More

Clark University
Clark University

By all appearances, Clark University already has a comprehensive program to advance liberal education outcomes for all students in place. Students must complete an eight-course Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) that includes classes in several outcome areas, including verbal expression, formal... Read More

Keene State College
Keene State

Keene State College sociology professor Therese Seibert didn't find it unusual that her research methods students were complaining about their assignment on focus-group facilitation. What was unusual, though, was the alternative assignment the students proposed: conducting real focus groups. "... Read More

Michigan State University
The 21st-Century Chautauqua project is a model for encouraging a culture of civility in MSU's living and learning communities.

When Michigan State University senior Melissa Clark first heard that the university was looking for students interested in participating in a series of dialogues, she was intrigued. When she learned that the dialogues would focus on topics of sustainability and human rights, and that students... Read More

Estrella Mountain Community College
"For first-generation students in particular, we need to extend the learning environment outside the classroom as much as we can," explains Kathleen Iudicello, division chair of liberal arts at Estrella Mountain.

An educationally significant springtime ritual has taken root at Estrella Mountain Community College in Avondale, Arizona. Now in its third year, the Maricopa Student Conference draws students out of their individual classrooms to share their academic research in an interdisciplinary scholarly... Read More