Campus Models and Case Studies

Pomona College
Pomona College

The Pomona Student Union (PSU) has never shied away from controversial discussions—so long as that controversy is focused on ideas, and so long as the discussion remains civil. Student-founded and entirely student-run, the PSU is dedicated to promoting open dialogue about issues that aren't... Read More

Tulane University
Engaging in public service has given many Tulane students a stronger sense of connection with the New Orleans community, which has aided in student retention, one administrator says. (Photo courtesy of Tulane Publications)

Although many graduate-level public health programs are designed to produce field-specific practitioners, the undergraduate program in public health at Tulane University is a broad-based academic degree, says Jeffery Johnson, associate dean of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine... Read More

University of Michigan
University of Michigan

When University of Michigan Assistant Professor Michelle Lee McClellan and the undergraduate students in her History at Work course began researching the history of the New Deal-era camp structures in Michigan’s Waterloo State Recreational Area in 2008, they thought they had a storybook heroes-... Read More

California State University-Chico
California State University at Chico developed its Town Hall program for first-year students to help them connect their classroom learning with the wider world of public discourse.

California State University-Chico Dean of Undergraduate Education William Loker remembers an evening in the fall of 2007 when he and a visitor from the CSU chancellor's office mingled with students and faculty members after a "town hall" meeting in which students led discussion groups about... Read More

St. Lawrence University
Faculty in the first-year program use pedagogies like reflective journals, community-based learning, and decentered, democratic classrooms in their teaching.

In St. Lawrence University professor Patti Frazer Lock’s first-year program course, her fifty students have lots of opportunities for interaction and collaborative learning. “I put all their names into a statistical package and hit randomize, so every class, they’re working in different groups,... Read More

Michigan State University
The 21st-Century Chautauqua project is a model for encouraging a culture of civility in MSU's living and learning communities.

When Michigan State University senior Melissa Clark first heard that the university was looking for students interested in participating in a series of dialogues, she was intrigued. When she learned that the dialogues would focus on topics of sustainability and human rights, and that students... Read More

University of Rochester
The University of Rochester received a grant to infuse entrepreneurial education into six campus schools--including music, nursing, and education.

The word entrepreneurship often is associated with business terms like sweat equity, startup costs, and the liberating phrase, "Be your own boss." Revenue, ROI, and profit are typical measures of entrepreneurial success, at least for the typical entrepreneur. And becoming an... Read More

Elon University
Elon staffers Ray Pruitt (physical plant), Susan Patton (registrar's office), Christopher Eyl (university relations), and David Morton (university relations) each completed a service sabbatical.

In the past five years at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina, in-depth service projects have included renovating a house, creating program materials for a women's shelter, clearing hiking trails for the forestry department, and recording a CD with local musicians to raise money for charity... Read More

Rhodes College
Rhodes College

Rhodes College’s campus in midtown Memphis, Tennessee, has a fence around it—a literal dividing line between the college and the city. But that doesn’t mean the 1,700 students at Rhodes live on an island, cut off from the community outside. In fact, just the opposite is true. Rhodes has had... Read More

Arizona State University
Arizona State University

"Sustainability" has in recent years become a watchword in global development and environmental fields. Focusing on a nexus of ecological, economic, and social needs, the sustainability movement seeks to ensure that development and prosperity in the present are not purchased at the expense of... Read More