Campus Models and Case Studies

Faculty Collaboratives E-Portfolio

This is the e-portfolio home of a large faculty-centered professional development project.  The project is sponsored by AAC&U, with support from Lumina Foundation.Read More

Bronx Community College
Faculty Development for Student Success at Bronx Community College

Colleges and universities often have some form of first-year orientation to help both students and faculty become acquainted with the institution and learn about basic logistical procedures and key offices on campus. Many institutions are now expanding on new students’ orientation through first-... Read More

Wisconsin Innovation Hub

The Wisconsin Innovation Hub creates a dynamic, interactive environment to support collaboration between educators for the purpose of student learning. The Hub provides spaces and resources to inspire curricular innovation and assessment, connect educators as they create and enhance the student... Read More

Fitchburg State University and Mount Wachusetts Community College

A positive trend in recent years has been the move by many colleges and universities toward integrated curricula through which students forge connections between general education and the major and develop crucial, cross-cutting capacities progressively from the first to final year of college (... Read More

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Approximately half of the faculty members teaching in the English department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) work off the tenure track. Most of those non-tenure-track faculty members (NTTF) are full-time instructors, some of whom have made a career teaching... Read More

California State University–Northridge

“Why do I have to take this course?” It’s a question that most faculty members have probably heard at some point—especially if they teach courses that satisfy general education requirements. The General Education (GE) Pathways program, first developed at California State University–Chico and now... Read More

Montgomery College
Montgomery College

Montgomery College, a Maryland community college just north of Washington, DC, boasts an exceptionally diverse student body, with over 164 nationalities represented. Given the global nature of the student body, faculty and staff have long made it a priority to create a more globalized curriculum... Read More

Utah State University
Utah State University

What does it mean to have a college degree? For the degree to have any real meaning, it must represent more than a certain number of credit hours distributed across certain disciplines, with a minimum GPA; instead, the degree must indicate what a graduate knows and is able to do, says Daniel... Read More

Wallace State Community College
The Advanced Visualization Center creates interactive three-dimensional objects that students can pull apart and manipulate.

Much of the current discourse in and about higher education is focused on technology, especially the debate over whether technology-based learning will replace the traditional classroom. A less dramatic but equally important conversation is addressing the ways in which new technologies can... Read More

Carleton College
Carleton College

During the 1998-99 academic year, Victoria Morse and her husband, Bill North, experienced the "two-body problem" firsthand. The term, which originally was coined to explain a phenomenon in physics, has come into popular use to describe the problem academic couples face in finding two fulfilling... Read More