Campus Models and Case Studies

Utah Valley University
Utah Valley University

Engaged Learning Energizes Utah Valley University and Community

When Haagen Klaus, an assistant professor of anthropology, arrived at Utah Valley University in 2008, he was prepared for change. Moving from a large research institution in the Midwest to the teaching-... Read More

University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison

One of the first things you notice on the homepage of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) is a link: "Learn why it's okay to be undecided," it reads.  Following the link pulls up a presentation detailing the reasons why it is perfectly acceptable—and even... Read More

University of Richmond
Jepson School

University of Richmond Associate Professor Crystal Hoyt starts her leadership studies classes with a lesson in myth-debunking 101.  "The students have these images of leadership: it's masculine, it's white, it's top-down," she says. "If we ask students to draw their conception of leadership, we... Read More

Tidewater Community College
Teaching methods like learning communities help students understand how different disciplines are connected.

Tidewater Community College mathematics instructor Joseph Joyner knows that many of his students aren't exactly thrilled to be in one of his classes. "A lot of my students come to math without a feeling of security, and they don't want to be here. They've had bad math experiences," he explains.... Read More

McDaniel College
The McDaniel Plan, a new general education curriculum, increases the number and depth of science courses students must take—including a mandatory laboratory experience.

In assistant professor Peter Craig's Kitchen Chemistry course, first-year college students sniff spices, boil vegetables, and investigate the properties of baking powder. His colleague Shabbir Mian's students use prisms and spectroscopes to answer questions about natural phenomena like sunsets... Read More

Smith College
The Picker Engineering Program believes that "engineers must appreciate and understand the human condition."

An all-female liberal arts campus might, initially, appear to be an unexpected location for a progressive engineering program. But Smith College leaders believe strongly that this type of highly technical program—integrated fully with strong elements of a liberal education—is appropriate, even... Read More

Bellevue Community College
Bellevue Community College seeks to ensure that all students benefit from a liberal education.

A recent report released by AAC&U asserts the importance of a liberal education for all students, regardless of the type of institution they attend or the field of study they pursue. College Learning for the... Read More

Grinnell College
Grinnell's second-year retreat is designed to help students who are uncertain about their educational path.

For many students, the sophomore year of college is an unsettled one. Choosing courses, thinking about a major, and building social networks can be more difficult in the second year than in the highly structured first year. At a place like Grinnell College—an institution noted for its open... Read More

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Southern Illinois University–Carbondale, a comprehensive public university, enrolls more than twenty thousand students each year in its eight colleges and schools.

Since last fall, students in the College of Liberal Arts at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale (SIUC) have had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of a liberal education through a program called "Curriculum 21." Designed to complement the college's existing general education... Read More