Campus Models and Case Studies

Students in the all-women undergraduate program at Bay Path University often talk about the “sisterhood” and the supportive environment fostered by their instructors, administrators, and each other.

Bay Path, a private university in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, has a long history of... Read More

Texas A&M University–San Antonio

In fall 2016, after exclusively educating junior-level, senior-level, and graduate students for over ten years, Texas A&M University–San Antonio (A&M–SA) underwent a unique kind of two- to four-year transition and opened its doors to first- and second-year students for the first time.... Read More

Is It Really My Fault? Confronting the Myths Surrounding Women's Advancement

I was talking with my partner about these remarks, and for some reason my red sauce came to her mind. She told me that I should talk about my red sauce. I wondered how I could possibly talk about my red sauce in remarks on women and leadership and the myths surrounding our advancement. Now,... Read More

Addressing Diversity and Inclusion on College Campuses: Assessing a Partnership between AAC&U and the Ford Foundation

Marking the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the association, this four-part series of commissioned articles explores various aspects of AAC&U’s work over the past century in relation to contemporaneous developments within American higher education more broadly.Read More

Making Excellence Inclusive in Challenging Times

In 2005, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) released a series of articles that called for higher education institutions to move away from a fragmented focus on diversity and begin thinking about how to promote inclusive excellence (IE) in postsecondary institutions... Read More

California State University, Fullerton
The Power of Intentionality: Cal State Fullerton's Strategic Approach to Ensuring Equity

This month's feature was written by José L. Cruz, provost and vice president for academic affairs at California State University, Fullerton. It originally appeared in the winter 2016 issue of ... Read More

Bronx Community College
Faculty Development for Student Success at Bronx Community College

Colleges and universities often have some form of first-year orientation to help both students and faculty become acquainted with the institution and learn about basic logistical procedures and key offices on campus. Many institutions are now expanding on new students’ orientation through first-... Read More

California State University, Fullerton
The Power of Intentionality: Cal State Fullerton's Strategic Approach to Ensuring Equity

In recent years, calls for disruption in higher education have orbited around the seductive nucleus of technology—particularly massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other “unbundled” online learning systems—drawn to the promise of expanded access, reduced costs, and increased completion rates... Read More

Spelman College, St. Catherine University, Simmons College

When Sweet Briar College announced its plans to close in March 2015, some pundits pronounced the event a long-awaited inevitability. “By many measures, today's women are flourishing in higher education and do not need a protected environment to develop their intellectual potential,” Diane... Read More

Against Being Inclusive

Our work in the university should be not merely inclusive, but more radically pluralistic and truly dialogical. Read More