Campus Models and Case Studies

Tidewater Community College
Teaching methods like learning communities help students understand how different disciplines are connected.

Tidewater Community College mathematics instructor Joseph Joyner knows that many of his students aren't exactly thrilled to be in one of his classes. "A lot of my students come to math without a feeling of security, and they don't want to be here. They've had bad math experiences," he explains.... Read More

Estrella Mountain Community College
"For first-generation students in particular, we need to extend the learning environment outside the classroom as much as we can," explains Kathleen Iudicello, division chair of liberal arts at Estrella Mountain.

An educationally significant springtime ritual has taken root at Estrella Mountain Community College in Avondale, Arizona. Now in its third year, the Maricopa Student Conference draws students out of their individual classrooms to share their academic research in an interdisciplinary scholarly... Read More

Highline Community College
Highline Community College

Barbara Clinton hadn't been planning to start an honors program. She was a professor of speech communication at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington, five years ago, when a student stopped by her office to say goodbye. He was leaving Highline, having earned his associate's degree... Read More

Bellevue Community College
Bellevue Community College seeks to ensure that all students benefit from a liberal education.

A recent report released by AAC&U asserts the importance of a liberal education for all students, regardless of the type of institution they attend or the field of study they pursue. College Learning for the... Read More