Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP)

Bringing Theory to Practice Project (BTtoP) encourages colleges and universities to reassert their core purposes as educational institutions, not only to advance learning and discovery, but to advance the potential and well-being of each individual student, and to advance education as a public good that sustains a civic society.  While attending to context and relevant influences, BTtoP selects and supports the planning and offering of multiple means to achieve our mission. BTtoP funds and supports ongoing campus projects at institutions interested in taking steps toward realizing their missions for learning, well-being and civic development of their students. BTtoP has offered dozens of conferences, workshops, and other events related to the research and work we support on campuses. BTtoP is dedicated to increasing institutional attention and commitment to the linkages we address in our mission and to create systems of support, reward and maintenance that value them. We utilize the production of various forms of resources to achieve this. 

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