A Holiday Message from AAC&U

A Video Holiday Message from AAC&U President Lynn Pasquerella

This holiday season brings to a close an exceptionally difficult and wrenching year.

We will always remember the upheaval and loss we have experienced as the pandemic spread through our communities and around the world.

We will never forget the heartbreak and outrage we have experienced at the loss of Black lives to police violence.

We will continue to carry with us the sense of alarm we have experienced as the fabric of our democracy was frayed by the turmoil and discord of a contentious election.

But as we reflect on our shared experiences of 2020, let us also find ways to strengthen one another. 

Let us look with wonder and gratitude to the scientific community as we anticipate new ways to treat and prevent COVID-19.

Let us be inspired by those who rose up in protest as part of the broad democratic movement that has carried us all a little closer to justice and racial healing.

And let those of us entrusted with the urgent mission of educating for democracy draw strength from the resilience and innovation that was unleashed across higher education over the past year.

As we gather with family and friends—whether in person, virtually, or in spirit—let us look together with hope to the new year now before us.

From all of us at AAC&U, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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