Application for Mini-Grants for Civic Learning in the Major by Design

Applications are Due April 23, 2018 by 11:59 PM EST

How is civic learning and social responsibility currently positioned in your departmental design? (possible examples are: the civic/public impact of the major are explored in 2-3 required courses, the civic/public angle of the major is stated as a learning outcome, course rubrics address the civic/public/social impact of the major, etc.)

How will these mini-grant funds help propel your department to make civic learning and social responsibility essential, pervasive, and central to how your students can understand their major and its engagement with public matters? (possible examples are: inclusion in departmental learning outcomes, delineating scaffolded levels of civic learning in the major sharpening course titles and descriptions, considering renaming the department, etc.)

What is your funding request and how will you employ these funds to engage your departmental colleagues in this discussion? (possible examples are: series of luncheon discussions, small task force that makes recommendations to discuss, departmental retreat, linking discussions to an upcoming departmental review or Carnegie Classification application, etc.)

What is your timeline for engagement with your department May through October? (We will announce the awards by May 11 and will require a short final report on what was accomplished and learned by October 29, 2018).