Annual Meeting

Health & Safety

The American Association of Colleges and Universities is committed to protecting the health and safety of all participants at its 2023 annual meeting “Reclaiming Liberal Education” in San Francisco.

As ongoing health emergencies and the spread of communicable diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19, permeate our lives, AAC&U continues to align itself with the requirements set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); national, state, and local public health agencies; and the venues hosting AAC&U events.

AAC&U cannot guarantee that attendees will not be exposed to or contract a communicable disease at in-person events. However, AAC&U is working to sustain the health and safety of event attendees, staff, presenters, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. We will maintain preventative measures to reduce the spread of communicable diseases while onsite. AAC&U retains its right to modify policies and procedures at any time.

COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance

In keeping with the association's responsibility as the event host, AAC&U leadership strongly encourages all 2023 annual meeting participants, whether a presenter, attendee, sponsor, staff, or vendor, to be fully vaccinated. Updated Sept 8, 2022, the CDC Vaccines website provides definitions of “fully vaccinated” and “up to date.”

    • “Fully vaccinated” means that either fourteen days have passed since a person received the second dose of a double-dose vaccine or a single-dose vaccine authorized (or emergency-use authorized) by the Food and Drug Administration or World Health Organization.
    • "Up to Date” means that a person has received all CDC–recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, including any booster dose(s) when eligible.
    • AAC&U strongly encourages all eligible attendees of in-person convenings to receive a COVID-19 booster in addition to being fully vaccinated.
    • AAC&U strongly encourages individuals to be tested for COVID-19 before traveling to the annual meeting. Individuals who test positive should stay home and cancel their registration. If you are onsite and test positive for COVID-19, please contact Starleetah Gaddis, director of conferences and events, at [email protected].

Mask Guidance

AAC&U will follow the requirements of the city of San Francisco and the state of California regarding masks. However, all participants at the 2023 annual meeting are strongly encouraged to wear procedural (surgical) masks with at least three layers of fabric. These include KN95, KF94, or N95 masks. AAC&U encourages attendees to wear masks at all times, except while actively eating or drinking, in any area considered an AAC&U event space. Masks should cover both the mouth and nose. In addition, we ask that participants honor the requests of others to mask up and/or maintain physical distance. See the CDC webpage for the most up-to-date information about face coverings and masks, including COVID-19 Community Levels, to make decisions about what prevention/mitigation measures to implement.

Please contact Starleetah Gaddis, director of conferences and events, at [email protected] for more information.

Physical Distancing

The Hyatt Regency San Francisco is not currently requiring physical distancing; however, AAC&U will work to ensure participants have a safe space to learn, engage, and connect. AAC&U will set up seating and event space to allow individuals who wish to physically distance themselves in sessions to comfortably do so.

Continued Planning

AAC&U will continuously develop onsite protocols for seating, signage, meals, and other events during the annual meeting.

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