2021 Annual Meeting

Pre-Meeting Workshops

WEDNESDAY, January 20

1:00–4:00 PM Eastern Time

Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and other “Differentisms”

Many students’ cognitive resources for learning are being diminished by the negative effects of persistent economic insecurity, discrimination, and hostility against non-majority groups based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other aspects of difference. Lately, these effects have been worsened by high levels of uncertainty related to the pandemic and social unrest. Recognizing that students contending with these issues are no different than their peers in terms of cognitive capacity, we can implement strategies and interventions—inside and outside the classroom—that show promise in helping students regain the cognitive resources to be successful in college.

CIA VERSCHELDEN, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Malcolm X College (Retired), City Colleges of Chicago

PR2ISM: A Pandemic Response to Advancing Equity-Minded Educational Development, Inclusive Excellence, and Social Justice Advocacy

Prior to the pandemic, educational developers acknowledged an increased need for providing programming and resources on inclusive teaching to support faculty. As COVID-19 cases exploded across the country, institutions moved their programs and services online, altering every part of the educational experience. We contend that strong synergistic partnerships between academic administrators, student affairs professionals, faculty, and educational developers are necessary to create equity-minded learning environments and increase student engagement. This interactive workshop offers a model for partnerships between student affairs professionals and academic colleagues by leveraging educational development to provide holistic and supportive learning environments. This session should particularly benefit (1) academic administrators invested in equity-minded curricular innovations, (2) student-facing professionals who provide direct services to minoritized students, (3) higher ed professionals interested in initiatives to enhance the success of minoritized students and faculty, and (4) institutional leaders working to advance racial equity and social justice efforts at their home institutions.

Isis Artze-Vega, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Valencia College; Tam’ra-Kay Francis, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rickey Hall, Vice President of the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, Ed Taylor, Vice Provost and Dean Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Professor of Education, and Chadwick Allen, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement, Professor of English and Codirector, Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies—all of the University of Washington; and Carolyn Hodges, Professor Emerita, German, Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Former Chair, Africana Studies Program, and Vice Provost and Dean Emerita, Graduate School, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

This workshop is presented by the POD Network

ACAD Workshop:

A Parallax View of the Future of Shared Governance

Academic leaders must simultaneously promote the academic mission of their institutions while also integrating new programs in response to market pressures. By necessity, these strategic decisions include a variety of institutional actors and proceed through systems of shared governance. This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss these challenges from the different perspectives of faculty, academic administrators, presidents, and board members. The first section of the workshop will focus on a brief discussion of contemporary governance issues from the varied perspective of the workshop presenters. In the second part of the session, participants will discuss the challenges facing the fictional Mingus University. Participants will receive a basic institutional profile and work in small groups to generate responses to an initial prompt and address scenarios within a shared case study. We anticipate that the closing plenary discussion will be focused and substantive. All of the participants in the workshop will also have access to a web page devoted to the session that includes resources and additional readings.

Frank Boyd, Professor of Political Science, Guilford College; Pareena Lawrence, Senior Administrative Fellow, Yale University; Joerg Tiede, Senior Program Officer, American Association of University Professors; John Ottenhoff, Senior Consultant, AGB Consulting, Association of Governing Boards

ACAD Workshop:

Assistant/Associate Deans: Facilitators of Rapid Change

Assistant and associate deans are often caught “in-between”: in-between faculty and the dean, in-between different departments, in-between academic affairs and other offices, and even in-between career steps. This “in-betweenness” creates challenges (mistrust, lack of power, confusion), but it also opens opportunities to build bridges that can lead to institutional transformation and professional growth. During times of crisis or rapid change, this in-between work becomes both additionally complicated and especially essential. Assistant and associate deans have the opportunity to build community when it is most needed, to promote innovations that otherwise might stall, and to provoke and support the creative thinking that is the heart of higher education. In this interactive session, participants will consider many elements of associate deaning—such as beginning administrative work, (re)building trust with faculty colleagues, launching and leading academic initiatives, working across the entire institution, supervising staff, prioritizing a seemingly endless workload, communicating with grace, and preparing for next professional steps. Using case studies and shared insights, the workshop will explore challenges and develop practical strategies that can apply to a variety of institutional settings. This is a valuable development and networking opportunity for both new and not-as-new assistant and associate deans.

James Sloat, Associate Provost and Associate Dean of Faculty, and Russ Johnson, Associate Provost for Academic Programs—both from Colby College; Aslaug Asgeirsdottir, Associate Dean of the Faculty, Bates College; Nathan Goodale, Associate Dean of Faculty, Hamilton College