Advancing Roadmaps for Community College Leadership to Improve Student Learning and Success

Advancing Roadmaps for Community College Leadership to Improve Student Learning and Success will disseminate and advance the knowledge and insights from AAC&U’s continuing work with nineteen community colleges participating in the LEAP Developing a Community College Student Roadmap Project. Led by a set of experienced community college leaders, Roadmap schools have brought AAC&U’s LEAP practices and principles to bear on efforts to advance community college student learning and engagement. Beginning in September 2014, Advancing Roadmaps will scale these strategies to support guided learning pathways for all students and build national, regional, and state partnerships among organizations committed to improving student learning and success at two-year institutions, including Achieving the Dream, Inc. and Jobs for the Future. 

Project Activities

In order to facilitate a more far-reaching exploration of the changes needed to drive equitable access to high-quality learning for the millions of students whose college journey begins at two-year institutions, Advancing Roadmaps will:

  • convene national, regional, and institutional leaders at the Community College Leadership Summit, held as part of AAC&U’s January 21-24, 2015 Centennial Annual Meeting, “Liberal Education, Global Flourishing, and the Equity Imperative” in Washington, DC;
  • develop an open source electronic resource hub to scale the use of evidence-based LEAP practices at community colleges;
  • expand partnerships with national organizations seeking to improve community college student success;
  • publish a special issue of AAC&U’s Peer Review to highlight collaborative efforts in support of community college student success; and
  • support the nine Phase Two Roadmap Leadership Colleges to continue implementation of campus action plans developed through the original Roadmap Project.

Project Staff

Tia Brown McNair, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Student Success; x808

John Veras, Program Associate

This project is supported by a grant from The Kresge Foundation. To learn more about the Foundation and its grant programs, visit