Opportunities to Lead with AAC&U

AAC&U serves as a community in which individuals can join us in advancing the values and practices of liberal education and inclusive excellence and the success of all students. We provide opportunities for emerging leaders in higher education to bring valuable expertise and perspective to AAC&U’s work and contribute significantly to the success of our initiatives and programs. The positions described below also provide a unique opportunity for professional development for individuals from AAC&U member institutions and partner organizations.

AAC&U Research Scholars—are individuals actively engaged in conducting research in support of AAC&U’s mission, strategic goals, and/or programmatic initiatives.  Research scholars provide intellectual capital and/or research expertise that significantly enhances AAC&U’s capacity to engage in evidence-based work and programs.

AAC&U Senior Fellows—are individuals working with one or more Educational Affairs offices on one or more initiatives related to AAC&U’s mission, strategic goals, ongoing programs, or grant-funded projects.  AAC&U Fellows contribute to initiatives with their particular experience or expertise that brings added value to the leadership of the activity.

During the Year of Appointment

Participation in AAC&U Events
AAC&U Research Scholars and Senior Fellows receive one complimentary registration to an AAC&U conference (either the Annual Meeting or a Network for Academic Renewal conference) in the year of the appointment.

Use of AAC&U Space and Resources
AAC&U Scholars and Senior Fellows will have access to shared office space in AAC&U’s Washington office, if/when space is available and with advance scheduling.  General offices supplies, use of the AAC&U conference room, business cards, mailing privileges, and access to wireless Internet are also available to Scholars and Fellows.

Although the appointment of fellow or scholar carries no direct remuneration, the individual may be asked to serve as a consultant for a new or existing funded project, for which agreed upon rates of compensation could apply.

Application Process

Individuals at AAC&U member institutions or partner organizations are welcome to submit a letter of application to serve as an AAC&U Research Scholar or AAC&U Senior Fellow.  Please be sure to include your previous participation with AAC&U, include a description of your current research or project interests, and note the Educational Affairs office(s) with which you request to work.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis; appointments typically will be made during the summer or at the start of the calendar year. For more information or to submit your letter of application, please contact the vice president who oversees the office in which you would like to be appointed.

Affiliate Fellows

Individuals interested in being appointed for a year as an Affiliate Fellow are invited to write a letter to AAC&U’s President’s Office. Affiliate Fellows are active AAC&U leaders who have recently concluded a position or service to an institution. It is an honorific position designed to recognize the Affiliate’s significant contributions to the field of higher education and/or the Affiliate’s work to advance liberal education. During the year of appointment, the Affiliate may engage with a particular AAC&U project, program, or initiative.