L. Lee Knefelkamp Fund for Linking Student and Campus Success


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"Lee Knefelkamp shaped American higher education in profound and lasting ways. Her life and legacy continue to influence all that we do at AAC&U."

—Lynn Pasquerella, AAC&U President


The L. Lee Knefelkamp Fund for Linking Campus and Student Success promotes intentional and sustained integration of campus practices that make the goal of student success an essential component of campus success. To achieve this, the fund will support and recognize excellence and innovation in campus-based efforts within three broad areas of work:

  1. integration of the curriculum and co-curriculum
  2. holistic advising and mentoring
  3. professional development that engages diverse groups of campus stakeholders

Support and recognition in these areas may be realized through annual awards, sessions at the AAC&U conferences, and targeted engagement and professional development for recipients of the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders award.

LeeKnefelkamp.pngAbout L. Lee Knefelkamp

Lee Knefelkamp was a great believer in the power of learning. She also believed that students’ ability to learn and to reach their fullest potential requires sustained campus commitments to student development. Within campus environments that are intentionally designed to support students as learners, citizens, and thriving individuals, students don’t just learn; they flourish. When student success is linked with campus success, students’ cognitive development is connected to their development of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and civic capacities; mentoring, reflection, and community engagement are understood to promote student success and to strengthen curricula; and the curriculum and co-curriculum are connected because learning occurs in all corners of campus life. Student success and campus success are also forged through systemic commitments to equity that ensure all students, particularly those from groups historically underserved by higher education, are seen, heard, valued, and supported. By linking student and campus success, colleges and universities are recognized as ecosystems that empower learning, personal growth, and equity through practices that promote coherence and connection.

With your generous support, the L. Lee Knefelkamp Fund for Linking Student and Campus Success will be an enduring reflection of Lee Knefelkamp’s wisdom, spirit, and commitment to student success.

“While Lee Knefelkamp’s influence on the values and priorities of higher education will continue, that of her character and personality may prove even more enduring. The beauty of the Knefelkamp Fund for Linking Student and Campus Success is that we can help to sustain Lee’s values and priorities while celebrating her character and personality. What an opportunity!”

Paul L. Gaston, Trustees Professor Emeritus, Kent State University; Consultant to Lumina Foundation; Distinguished Fellow, AAC&U


L. Lee Knefelkamp was recognized by her colleagues at the 2018 commencement with an honorary doctorate at the Teachers College of Columbia University. Read more about her contributions to higher education in Columbia University Teachers College's article written in her memory