AAC&U News, October 2017
On the Road

September/October 2017

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C. Edward Watson (left) delivered three presentations on digital learning technologies at the University of the Ozarks; the Council for Opportunity in Education hosted an awards luncheon celebrating first-generation students (center), which included an address by Lynn Pasquerella; Tia Brown McNair (far right) delivered a keynote and facilitated a workshop on academic advising at Metropolitan Community College.

Lynn Pasquerella, president of AAC&U, spoke at an awards luncheon celebrating first-generation college students at the Council for Opportunity in Education’s annual conference in Washington, DC, on September 15. On September 21, she spoke at Macalester College’s fall faculty retreat in Saint Paul, Minnesota. On September 22, she spoke at the inauguration of Elizabeth Bradley, Vassar College's eleventh president, in Poughkeepsie, New York. She also traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, to speak at the Renaissance Weekend on October 5.

On September 14, Tia Brown McNair, AAC&U vice president for diversity, equity, and student success, delivered a keynote address and facilitated a workshop titled “Academic Advising as a High-Impact Practice” during the Metropolitan Community College Summit on Access, Persistence, and Completion in Kansas City, Missouri. On September 22, McNair delivered a keynote address on “Becoming a Student-Ready College” during the University of East London’s Teaching and Learning Symposium in London, United Kingdom.

Amy Jessen-Marshall, vice president for integrative learning and the global commons, led a workshop on departmental and programmatic assessment at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota, on September 18–19, 2017.

On September 7–8, C. Edward Watson, associate vice president for quality, advocacy, and LEAP initiatives, provided three presentations for the Dr. Helen McElree Faculty Development Lecture Series at the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas. These presentations were titled "Learning in the Digital Age: In-Class Technology Usage and How to Improve Student Success," "How We Learn and Why ePortfolios Are Essential in Higher Education," and "Classroom 2020."

Dawn Michele Whitehead, senior director for global learning and curricular change, spoke to the International Community of Practice at the Council for Opportunity in Education’s annual meeting in Washington, DC. Her talk on September 14 was titled “Global Learning and Inclusive Excellence: How Student Access and Success Professionals Can Promote Global Initiatives.” On September 21–22, Whitehead conducted a workshop titled “Integrative Global Learning: Strategies and Practices for Global Learning Across the Curriculum,” delivered a plenary titled “Global Learning and Inclusive Excellence: How the Two Powerful Practices Contribute to Student Success,” and facilitated a session on international and global service learning for faculty and staff at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. On September 28–29, Whitehead facilitated a workshop as part of the Global Competence series for preservice teachers and conducted a Faculty Internationalization Workshop for the Center for P-16 Research and Collaboration at Indiana University Bloomington.

Caryn McTighe Musil, senior scholar and director of civic learning and democracy initiatives, participated in the opening panel, “Background of Civic/Democratic Engagement by Higher Education and the Importance of Young Voters,” at the National Campus Leadership Council's voter engagement training in Washington, DC, on September 23–24. On September 27, Musil presented the keynote at the fall colloquium at Sacred Heart University on “The Practical Value of Liberal Arts in Work, Life, and Citizenship.”

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