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AAC&U 2019 Annual Meeting: Proposals Due July 25

Raising Our Voices: Reclaiming the Narrative on the Value of Higher Education
January 23–26, 2019, Atlanta, Georgia

The call for proposals is now open for AAC&U’s 2019 Annual Meeting, which will highlight innovative practices and programs that demonstrate why higher education is essential for students’ future employability and for democratic vitality. Supported by clear evidence of the power of liberal education and bolstered by strong curricular and cocurricular models that advance student success, we must tell our own stories about the value of higher education for today’s and tomorrow’s students. The meeting will feature a Pre-Meeting Symposium on Wednesday, January 23—"Is There a Rubric for That? A Decade for VALUE and the Future of Higher Education”; and the 10th Annual Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios on Saturday, January 26. Registration opens in September.

2018 Global Engagement and Spaces of Practice Conference: Registration Now Open

Exploring Global Challenges across Disciplinary Boundaries
October 11–13, Seattle, Washington
Register by Tuesday, September 11, for Lowest Rates 

This year’s Global Engagement Network for Academic Renewal Conference will consider how educators are using place-based disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry to focus and integrate learning across a variety of geographic, cultural, and philosophical domains to engage students in issues that matter to them and to society. Highlights of the meeting include a visit to the newly opened Othello-UW Commons, a satellite space where community partners and University of Washington campus constituents come together to design and participate in community-driven teaching, learning, service, and research; “The Power & Perils of Interdisciplinary Education and Global Engagement,” a keynote by Jessica Evert, Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California–San Francisco; and “Where Is the University? Thoughts on Place, Thinking, and Thinking in Place,” a closing plenary by Mark Kingwell, professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto. AAC&U invites individuals and teams to register today to lend expertise and valuable perspectives to these critical conversations.

2019 General Education and Assessment Conference: Proposals Due July 11

Creating a 21st-Century General Education: Responding to Seismic Shifts
February 14–16, San Francisco, California

AAC&U is pleased to announce the call for proposals for AAC&U’s 2019 Network for Academic Renewal conference on General Education and Assessment. AAC&U invites colleagues from all areas of the higher education landscape to join us in sharing efforts to create intentional and integrated programs, to assess our current practices, and to generate evidence of high-quality learning within our educational experiences for all students. Please review the conference overview and call for proposals for detailed information and instructions. We look forward to reviewing your proposals and seeing you in San Francisco in February. For more information, call 202-387-3760 or write to network@aacu.org.

AAC&U Selects Nearly Two Hundred Institutions to Participate in Summer Institutes

AAC&U announced the two- and four-year colleges, universities, and state systems sending participants to its four regularly scheduled 2018 summer institutes. Teams of five or more will attend the Institute on General Education and Assessment at the University of Utah (June 5–8); the Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success at the University of Utah (June 19–22); and the Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work at Boston University (July 17–20). AAC&U’s team-based institutes offer higher education professionals a time and place for sustained collaborative work on a project of importance to their campuses along with a curriculum focused on important trends, research, and best practices delivered by a resident faculty of educational experts and consultants. Individual faculty members will attend the Project Kaleidoscope STEM Leadership Institute at the Claggett Center in Adamstown, Maryland (July 10–15 and July 17–22). The PKAL institute is designed to guide early- and midcareer STEM faculty in an introspective exploration of the theories, practice, and art of leadership that is required to effectively manage the politics of institutional change and contribute to national undergraduate STEM reform.

Project News

Joint Statement on the Value of Liberal Education by AAC&U and AAUP

AAC&U and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) released a joint statement on the economic, societal, and democratic value of liberal education. "The free search for truth and its free exposition in the liberal arts are essential components of a functioning democracy. Higher education’s contributions to the common good and to the functioning of our democracy are severely compromised when universities eliminate and diminish the liberal arts," the statement said. The statement was subsequently covered by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed.

US Senator Commends AAC&U for Work to Destigmatize Criminal Justice History

US Senator Brian Schatz has commended AAC&U for urging its member institutions to review policies related to students with criminal histories. On May 1, 2018, AAC&U President Lynn Pasquerella responded to a request from Schatz by releasing a statement asking campuses to review admissions practices related to students' criminal justice involvement and promote discussion about initiatives like the “ban the box” movement to remove criminal justice questions from applications. “This move takes us one step further in restoring hope and opportunity for people with criminal records, who face an uphill battle in trying to improve their lives and pursue the American Dream,” Senator Schatz said in a May 15 statement. “I hope that others in the higher education community will follow their lead.”

Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE) Action Network News

AAC&U Awards Twenty-Four Mini-Grants to Spur Civic Learning in Student Majors

The Civic Prompts: Civic Learning in the Major by Design initiative aims to advance civic learning and social responsibility as expected dimensions within students’ majors. Supported by a grant from The Endeavor Foundation, these twenty-four departments are rethinking disciplinary designs for learning, life, work, and citizenship in the major.

New Publications Support Student Civic Engagement and Building a Thriving Democracy

NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education has recently published Effective Strategies for Supporting Student Civic Engagement, offering effective strategies for student affairs educators to support student activism movements on college and university campuses. “Building a CLDE Theory of Change: 5 Essays and an Invitation” is a five-part blog series addressing the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE) Emergent Theory of Change, which was inspired by the 2017 CLDE meeting and was the theme for the 2018 CLDE meeting. Written by civic colleagues at NASPA, AASCU’s American Democracy Project, and The Democracy Commitment, the authors explore the means for building a thriving democracy. 

The Association of American Colleges and Universities, NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, AASCU’s American Democracy Project (ADP), and The Democracy Commitment (TDC) are members of the CLDE Action Network, an alliance of thirteen leading civic learning organizations convened by AAC&U. Responding to the ambitious goals set forth in A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy's Future, the CLDE Action Network coordinates, constructs, and advances efforts to prepare college students for informed and responsible citizenship and make civic inquiry and engagement expected rather than elective in college. See the CLDE events calendar for upcoming civic conferences and webinars.

BTtoP News

BTtoP Announces New Director, David M. Scobey

In fall 2017, Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) announced that after fifteen years of service, Donald W. Harward, director and cofounder of the project, would be stepping down in the summer of 2018. Following a successful search, we are honored to announce that on July 1, 2018, David M. Scobey will begin as the new project director. David is widely respected as a scholar and author, with a history of accomplishments in creating multiple higher education alliances and with experience as executive dean at the New School, director of the Harward Center for Community Partnerships at Bates College, and multiple professorships at the University of Michigan and at Bates. David’s most recent leadership commitments have been to several innovative communities of scholars and practice that explore and advocate for the importance of the promise of rigorous attention to—and revised learning opportunities for—nontraditional and underserved student populations, topics that he has written about extensively. Please join us in welcoming David to BTtoP. View the full announcement here.

Other News

Nominations Due October 1 for K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award

The K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award recognizes graduate students who show exemplary promise as future leaders of higher education, who demonstrate a commitment to developing academic and civic responsibility in themselves and others, and whose work reflects a strong emphasis on teaching and learning. Nominees must hold student status in January 2019, and award recipients will attend and present at AAC&U’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. A list of previous recipients is available here.

New Issue of “Liberal Education”

The Spring 2018 issue of Liberal Education is available in print and online. Covering a wide array of topics—democratic engagement between universities and communities; diversity, inclusion, and free speech; moving Beyond the Skills Gap; and how DREAMers can access the American Dream—this issue features articles based on sessions at AAC&U’s 2018 Annual Meeting: “Can Higher Education Recapture the Elusive American Dream?”

Call for Proposals: Issue of “Diversity & Democracy” Focused on Undergraduate Global Health Education

Proposals Due August 31, 2018

The call for proposals is now open for articles for an upcoming issue of Diversity & Democracy. In recent years, higher education has seen a rapid expansion of Global Health undergraduate education as a strategy uniquely suited to prepare students to function effectively in the interdisciplinary teams of scholars, clinicians, practitioners, and other professionals who are desperately needed to solve critical global health problems. But these interdisciplinary Global Health programs face their own suite of challenges as well, such as a lack of existing programmatic models, high demands on faculty and staff, and ever tighter budgets across a range of institutions. This issue of Diversity & Democracyproduced by AAC&U in partnership with Allegheny College—provides a forum for advancing the public conversation about undergraduate global health education in this contemporary context. Submissions should include a short abstract of the proposed essay (200–300 words) and a brief explanation of how the authors see the essay contributing to the larger conversation on undergraduate Global Health education. Accepted authors will be invited to contribute a finished essay (1,300–2,000 words). To ask questions related to this call or to submit proposals, contact Emily Schuster, editor of Diversity & Democracy at AAC&U, schuster@aacu.org. Read the full call for proposals here.

AAC&U Seeks Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs

AAC&U seeks an experienced, self-motivated, and creative leader for the position of senior director for communications and public affairs. In addition to overseeing AAC&U’s Communications Office, the senior director will also serve as a key contributor to senior leadership within the association. As new initiatives are developed and launched, the senior director will play a crucial, collaborative role ensuring that communications are leveraged in strategic ways that further the goals of projects. In this way, the senior director will ultimately shape core aspects of how AAC&U achieves its mission. Review of applications will begin on Monday, July 23, 2018.

Open Position: Academic Editor and Editor, “Liberal Education”

AAC&U seeks an experienced, self-motivated, and talented editor for the position of academic editor. This position includes the role of editor for Liberal Education, the flagship quarterly journal of AAC&U that expresses the voices of educators, faculty, administrators, and others who are working to enrich liberal learning and undergraduate education. The academic editor will report to the senior director for communications and will manage and/or assist with multiple projects in AAC&U’s communications department, including (1) editing Liberal Education; (2) serving as lead or supporting editor for monographs, books, and other projects; (3) drafting official statements and other written products for AAC&U, as needed; (4) providing collaborative assistance to other editors; and (5) completing other duties as assigned. Visit our website for more information on the position and how to apply.

AAC&U President Delivers Commencement Address at Mary Baldwin University

Lynn Pasquerella delivered the commencement address at the graduation ceremony at Mary Baldwin University on May 20, 2018. In her address, Pasquerella stressed the importance of the liberal education that students received in preparing them to be valuable assets to their employers, the economy, and the national democracy. “The liberal education you received at this institution has equipped you with the skills necessary to confront the unscripted problems of the future and prepare you for jobs that have not yet been invented,” Pasquerella said.

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