Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the closest airport?

   A: The closest airport is Philadelphia International Airport

Q: May we bring an additional team member?

A: At this time, we have officially reached institute capacity. Please email Teneisha Brown ( for institution specific questions.

Q: I am planning to travel to Villanova on 6/25.  What time is the opening session?

    A: The opening session is scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM on 6/25/2019.

Q: I am considering an early arrival (6/24).  Will I be allowed to check in?

     A: Yes, we do have an early check-in option at the price of $55 per  person.    It is very important that we receive this information to reserve your room for the additional night.

Q: Is staying in the guest apartments a requirement?

    A: It is not a requirement for any team to stay on campus.  Please contact Program Coordinator Teneisha Brown ( if your team will NOT be taking advantage of the guest   apartment option.

Q: Do you recommend any local hotels?

     A: Each institution may pursue off campus lodging at their own expense. There are several hotels in the area, the most conveniently located is The Inn at Villanova University.

Q: My team is local and intends to commute, will I receive a parking permit?

A: Yes, parking permits are available for local commuters. Please contact Teneisha Brown ( if you will require parking permits.


Q: Who is registered from my team?

     A: Please use this link to view registered team members

Q: Can I select new team members in place of those I originally applied for?

A: Yes, your institution is not bound to the attendees listed in the application, however additional team members beyond those requested in the initial application need to be approved.

Q: I am having trouble with my password, logging in, or accessing our team leader’s account.

     A: Please contact


Q: When is the last date to remit payment?

   A: May 24th, 2019

Q: Can I pay with a purchase order?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept purchase orders at this time, there are both credit card and check options listed on your invoice for your convenience.

Q: Our finance department operates on an independent schedule and may need an extension of the payment due date.

    A: Please contact Teneisha Brown ( to discuss your options for an extension.


Q: Who should attend the Preparation Process for New Racial Healing Practitioners following the Institute?

  A:  All attendees, especially those interested in hosting a TRHT Campus Center should attend the Preparation Process. It is open to all Institute participants at no additional cost.

Q: Does our participation in this Institute mean that we are a TRHT Campus Center?

   A: No, the call for proposals to become a TRHT Campus Center will be announced in the Fall. The institutions that participated in the institute will receive first consideration.