Is There a Rubric for That? A Decade of VALUE and the Future of Higher Education

January 23, 2019 / Atlanta, Georgia

About the Symposium

VALUE at 10First introduced in 2009 as an alternative to the predominant educational assessment paradigm—standardized tests—the VALUE rubrics have arguably moved from the periphery of student outcomes assessment to the center of conversations about the quality of student learning within and across institutions. As of 2018, the rubrics have been downloaded more than 61,000 times by individuals representing nearly 5,900 organizations, including more than 2,188 colleges and universities.

More than measurement tools, the VALUE rubrics represent an entirely different approach to assessment, one that was purposefully designed to be both an articulation of commonly held essentials representing a collective understanding of a quality undergraduate education, as well as an intentionally malleable approach to making sense of learning at an individual institution, one that could be changed as necessary to meet local needs and nuances.

With faculty expertise at the heart of VALUE, it is the only framework for programmatic and institutional assessment based on the authentic work of students taken from assignments embedded in the curricula and co-curricula of our institutions.

The VALUE Symposium will celebrate “VALUE at 10” by revisiting its roots, examining the current trajectory of assessing for learning and quality in higher education, and engaging participants in shaping its future. Each session—from panels and plenaries to the Ignite Sessions designed to push the envelope pedagogically and methodologically—will foster and facilitate participant engagement.


The VALUE Impetus

Moderator:  Dan Berrett, Senior Editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Trudy W. Banta, Professor and Vice Chancellor Emerita, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Johnnella Butler, Professor of Comparative Women’s Studies, Spelman College

George D. Kuh, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, Indiana University, and Senior Scholar, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Carol Geary Schneider, Fellow, Lumina Foundation, and President Emerita, AAC&U

Jamienne S. Studley, President, WASC Senior College and University Commission


The Landscape of Learning: What We Know, What It Means

Gianina Baker, Assistant Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Kate McConnell, Senior Director, Research and Assessment, AAC&U

C. Edward Watson, Associate Vice President, Quality, Advocacy, and LEAP Initiatives, AAC&U

Daniel F. Sullivan, Senior Fellow, AAC&U


VALUE 2.0: Quality, Equity and the Public Good

Lynn Pasquerella, President, AAC&U

Terrel Rhodes, Vice President, Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment, and Executive Director of VALUE


The Symposium will feature:

Ignite Sessions
Ignite sessions are short (45-minute) presentations intended to spark discussion on hot topics associated with VALUE.

Concurrent Sessions on Campus Perspectives
Participants will have an opportunity to learn how campus colleagues are using VALUE to improve student learning, support faculty innovation and development, and meet accreditation standards.

Conversation and Crowd-Sourcing
These roundtables will invite participants to help set priorities and shape the future development of the VALUE rubric approach to assessing quality learning on a variety of fronts over the next decade.