2018 Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence: Application Form

July 17–20, 2018
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Before submitting this form, please be sure to read the Application Guidelines thoroughly and gather all of your information, including your narrative statement (no more than 1000 words) in Microsoft Word or PDF. Starred (*) fields are required for the application to be complete.

Campuses are asked to create a team of five people, including at least one senior academic officer and one faculty member whose roles are relevant to the project. Key administrative leaders are essential for accomplishing broad-based educational reform on campus. Networks of engaged chairs and faculty/staff can help sustain this reform. Teams are encouraged to include individuals from faculty development, student affairs, or assessment offices.

Application Components and Selection Criteria

Campus Interfaith Inventory:  The Campus Interfaith Inventory (CII) is required for all institutions applying to the Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence. This inventory is an opportunity to evaluate your campus’s assets and growth areas for interfaith cooperation. It should take approximately 20-60 minutes for one person to complete.  Fill it out to the best of your ability at this time. There will be later opportunity to revise and add to it. Please email Mesha Arant at mesha@Ifyc.org for your campus’s unique Campus Interfaith Inventory link.

You cannot save this form and complete it at a later date, so be sure to have all relevant information on hand before you start filling it out. If you have questions or need technical assistance, please contact Jasmine Epps at epps@aacu.org



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President's Authorization
By entering the president's name and email address below, you confirm that s/he agrees to the following: "If selected, my institution will attend the Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence, and meet all terms of participation."
Narrative Statement
Instructions: Please use the Browse button to upload your narrative statement.

Narrative Portion: Each team applying to the Institute needs to develop a clear and concise (1000 words) narrative addressing the following components and questions. MS Word or PDF only.

What has motivated a desire for expanding and strengthening your campus’s curricular and campus-wide engagement with religious diversity and interfaith cooperation? (For example: assessment results, new faculty and staff, new office or position, research on student experience and learning etc.)?

At what stage are your current efforts to reform, strengthen, or grow your campus’s commitment to interfaith cooperation (initial conversations, evaluating existing curricula or outcomes, implementing or scaling up changes, assessing results of change, etc.?)

What do you experience or foresee as some of the key challenges related to engaging religious and non-religious identity and diversity on your campus (lack of administrative support, homogeneity of the student body, campus identity or culture, etc.)?

Do you have any strategies or plans for addressing these challenges?

What high-priority tasks for strengthening, assessing, or increasing curricular and campus-wide interfaith engagement do you expect your team to work on during the Institute? (These should be tasks that, if advanced substantially during the Institute, would lead your team and campus to consider your participation a success).

With which aspects of the four Institute themes- curriculum reform, student leadership development, staff and faculty competency, or strategic planning for interfaith cooperation- do you need the most assistance? What questions do you have about the Institute’s themes or design? What would you specifically like to discuss with other teams and consultants?

What is your rationale for choosing the members of your campus team? What roles do you envision each person playing in your reform efforts? How will your team structure influence the work done after the Institute?

What do you believe your team can contribute to the Institute?

In the selection process, priority may be given to the following:

  • Proposals that demonstrate achievable and sustainable ways to build interfaith cooperation at their institution.
  • Campuses with existing interfaith initiatives who are poised to broaden and deepen their campus-wide commitment to interfaith cooperation.
  • Campuses with demonstrated commitment to interfaith engagement from senior institutional leadership, faculty, and other key stakeholders.
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