2018 Global Engagement Spaces of Practice: Session Materials and Resources


AAC&U thanks the workshop and poster presenters and session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Please contact the presenters directly if they are not listed below for their materials.

Keynote Address: The Power and Perils of Interdisciplinary Education and Global Engagment
Jessica Evert—Child Family Health International

Pre-Conference Workshop #4: Theory and Practice of Ethical Engagement at Home and Abroad
Eric Hartman—Haverford College; Richard Kiely—Cornell University; Christopher Boettcher—Castleton University; and Jessica Friedrichs—Carlow University

Poster #4: Cross-Cultural Workshops for Global Educational Impact 
Yachiyo Iisako—Portland State University 

Poster #6: Frameworks for International and Global Service-Learning
Lucy Smith—Salt Lake Community College
PosterHandout 1; Handout 2; Handout 3; Handout 4

Poster #7: Social Media: Digital Approaches to Global Learning 
Ai Zhang and Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou—both of Stockton University 

Poster #17: STEM Abroad: International and Interdisciplinary Approaches 
Michael Ruscio—College of Charleston

Poster #20: Embedding Global Learning through Episodic Change 
Robin Sakamoto—Kyorin University

Poster #21: Cultivating Global Citizenship Identity and Engagement
Neve Connolly and Briana Cofield—both of the University of Guelph-Humber
Poster; Booklet

Session #1: On a Quest for Global Learning
Brian Kear—Bellevue University; and Jolene Zywica—Opportunity Education 

Session #2: The Global Infusion
Kiron Sharma, Michele Barto, James Gifford—all of Fairleigh Dickinson University

Session #4: Global Liberal Arts and Transdisciplinary Exchanges
Gray Kochhar-Lindgren—University of Hong Kong

Session #7: Building Professional Success through Global Learning
Christina Marino—Virginia Commonwealth University

Session #8: An Ethical Framework for Interdisciplinary Global Learning
Erin Sabato, Margarita Diaz, and Maureen Helgren—all of Quinnipiac University

Session #12: High Impact Practices for Global Justice: The GSP Model
Benjamin Peters, Ashley Wiseman, Yuezhong Zheng—all of the University of Michigan

Session #16: Community Engagement Impacts: Theory, Practice, Complexity
Scott Jiusto and Courtney Kurlanska—both of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Presentation; Handout 1; Handout 2

Session #18: Voices: Institution's Efforts to Enhance Global Learning
Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou, Robert Barney,  and Emily Scutt—all of Stockton University

Session #20: Taking the LEAP: Infusing Community Engagement in General Education
Dan Myers, Meredith Hein, Erik Kenyon, Nadia Garzon—all of Rollins College
Presentation; Handout

Session #27: Global Learning Across the Disciplines
Kara Fulton and Sommer Mitchell—both of University of South Florida
Presentation; Handout

Session #31: I'm Back! Implementing a Post Study Away Curriculum
Erin Thorp and Vicky Bowden—both of Azusa Pacific University

Session #32: Failing Forward—Lessons Learned from Adventures with COIL
Greg Tuke—University of Washington-Bothell

Session #34: Building Social Responsibility via Global Engagement
Diana Venskus, Jennifer Tripken, and Clara Hauth, —all of Marymount University; and Faith Claman, —University of Portland

Session #35: Globalizing the Campus: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Experiment 
Roberto Campo, Penelope Pynes, Elizabeth Natalle, and Patrick Lilja—all of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Session #36: Realizing Global Responsibility and Leadership via the Sustainable Development Goals 
Indira van der Zande—University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân

Session #50: Global Learning through Liberal Arts Internships
Danny Damron and Sherami Jara—both of Brigham Young University
Handout 1; Handout 2; Handout 3

Session #51: Engaging the Self and the Other through Oral Histories
Paloma Rodriguez, Ingrid Kleespies, and Kathryn Dwyer Navajas—all of the University of Florida

Poster #4