2017 Global Engagement and Social Responsibility: Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the workshop presenters and session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. 

WORKSHOP 1: Advancing Global Learning through Signature Work 
Richard Vaz, Director, Center for Project-Based Learning—Worcester Polytechnic Institute; and Kristina Watkins Mormino, Professor of French, Coordinator, Global Studies Certification Program, and Senior Mentor, School of Liberal Arts—Georgia Gwinnett College

WORKSHOP 2: Making Global Learning Universal through Effective Professional Development
Hilary Landorf, Director, Office of Global Learning Initiatives and Executive Director, Comparative and International Education Society and Stephanie Doscher, Associate Director, Office of Global Learning Initiatives—both of Florida International University

CS 5: Are Higher Education’s Efforts to Advance Global Engagement and Global Citizenship, UnAmerican? 

Lynn Pasquerella, President and Donald W. Harward, Director, Bringing Theory to Practice—both of AAC&U 

CS 8: Facilitating Faculty Development in the Scholarship of Global Engagement

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Director of the Center for Research on Global Engagement and Professor of Psychology, Cynthia Fair, Professor of Public Health and Human Service Studies, Paula DiBiasio, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Education and Global Learning Opportunities DPTE Program Coordinator, and Amy Allocco, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Multi-Faith Scholars Program—all of Elon University

CS 17: The Quality Enhancement Plan: Managing an Institution-Wide Conversation about Global Learning

Paloma Rodriguez, Associate Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs, Tim Brophy, Director, Institutional Assessment and Professor, Music Education, and Matthew Jacobs, Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs and Professor of History―all of the University of Florida

CS 18: Supporting Faculty, Staff, and Students through Global Engagement Programming 

Sommer Mitchell
, Professional Development Specialist and Kara Fulton, Professional Development Specialist―both of University of South Florida

CS 22: Service Learning in Public Health: Frameworks, Results, and Sustainable Community Partnerships
Aline Germani
, Director of the Center for Public Health Practice, Rima Afifi, Professor and Associate Dean-Department of Health Promotion and Community Health, and Lara Al Sayegh, Research Assistant―all of American University of Beirut

CS 24: Service Learning and Sustainable International Partnerships: Fostering Cultural Understanding and Communication Skills: Creating Unique Student Engagement Opportunities through Various Cross-Cultural Partnerships
Michelle Freas
, Assistant Professor, American Sign Language/Deaf Culture―Santa Fe College

CS 25: Exploring Disciplinary Differences in Global Engagement and Learning
Jillian Kinzie
, Associate Director, NSSE Institute, and NILOA Senior Scholar, Thomas Nelson Laird, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Postsecondary Research, and Alexander McCormick, Associate Professor and Director of the National Survey of Student Engagement―all of Indiana University

CS 26: Fostering Global Focus via Local Project-Based Learning: the TEDxLSU Experiential Learning Case Study
Annemarie Galeucia
, Student and Faculty Development Coordinator, Communication across the Curriculum―Louisiana State University

CS 28: Developing Integrative, Place-Based Approaches to Global Learning and Student Agency

Richard Vaz, Director, Center for Project-Based Learning—Worcester Polytechnic Institute

CS 33: Connecting Curricular and Co-Curricular Goals with Social Responsibility and the Skills Employers Value

Amy Jessen-Marshall, Vice President for Integrative Liberal Learning and Global Engagement—AAC&U and Paloma Rodriguez, Associate Director, Undergraduate Academic Program—University of Florida 

CS 36: STEM-Humanities Partnerships to Foster Responsible and Global Thinking
Marcia Bronstein
, Professor of English/English as a Second Language and Coordinator of Learning Communities Program, Carol Moore, Instructional Designer, Office of E-Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (ELITE), and Nevart Tahmazian, Professor of Chemistry―all of Montgomery College

CS 37: Connecting the Dots: Enhancing Global Learning and Engagement in Curricular/Co-Curricular Programs 
Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou
, Internationalization Specialist and Kaite Yang, Assistant Professor of Psychology―both of Stockton University

CS 40: Global Engagement Survey: Assessing Intercultural Competence, Civic Engagement, and Critical Reflection
Eric Hartman
, Executive Director, Center for Peace and Global Citizenship―Haverford College; Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Director of the Center for Research on Global Engagement and Professor of Psychology—Elon University; and Angie Edwards, Director, Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education—Queens University of Charlotte 

CS 41: Making the Case for Global Learning: Using Accreditation to Overcome "We Can't Do That" 
Kerry Pannell
, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College―Agnes Scott College and Anthony Carey, Professor of History―Appalachian State University

Plenary: Transforming Global Engagement and Social Responsibility: The Theory to Practice Nexus
Richard Kiely
, Senior Fellow, Office of Engagement Initiatives, Engaged Cornell—Cornell University

Poster 5: Remixed: Students Leading Change for Innovative Civic Engagement Course
Adam Zahn, Associate Director of Global Engagement―Drexel University​

POSTER 6: Learning Abroad, Applying at Home: Addressing Human Trafficking Globally and Locally 
Diane Bessel
, Assistant Professor and Masters of Social Work Program Director—Daemen College

POSTER 8: Developing Global and Ethical Awareness of STEM Students Through Undergraduate Research 
Nathan Decker
, Undergraduate Student—Biola University

POSTER 11: Assessing and Promoting Global Citizenship in Higher Education: A Research Case Study
Annie Wendel, Assistant Director, Volunteer Programs and Service Learning—Sacred Heart University

Poster 14: The Role of Race in the College Experience: What Makes Education Abroad a High-Impact Practice?
Ellen Navarro
, Director, Center for Intercultural Advancement—Wagner College