Global Learning

AAC&U addresses diversity, global engagement, and social responsibility as compelling educational and institutional priorities that help students and campuses engage the social, civic, and economic challenges of a diverse and unequal world. AAC&U supports colleges and universities in their efforts to create settings that foster students' understanding of the intersection between their lives and global issues and their sense of responsibility as local and global citizens. AAC&U works to increase the capacity of colleges and universities to help all undergraduates understand and engage the diversities and commonalities among the world's peoples, cultures, nations, and regions.

Campus Models and Case Studies

Campus model June/July 2016

Global Opportunities for Cross-Cultural Learning at Susquehanna University

This month’s feature was written by Scott Manning , dean of global programs at Susquehanna University . It originally appeared in the spring 2016 issue of Diversity & Democracy , which focused on... Read More
Montgomery College

Preparing Faculty to Facilitate Global Learning at Montgomery College

Montgomery College, a Maryland community college just north of Washington, DC, boasts an exceptionally diverse student body, with over 164 nationalities represented. Given the global nature of the... Read More
The new "Archways" curriculum at Nebraska Wesleyan University features an integrated core organized around pressing global issues and requires all students to participate in experiential learning.

An Integrative Approach to Global Learning at Nebraska Wesleyan University

Nebraska Wesleyan University (NWU), a private liberal arts university in Lincoln, Nebraska, is in the process of developing a new general education program. The new program, titled "Archways," would... Read More
The Global Distinction Program at Howard Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County infuses core classes with global content and perspectives. (Photo courtesy of Howard Community College)

Graduating and Transferring Community College Students with Greater Global Awareness, Perspective, and Engagement

Preparing students to solve problems in an increasingly globalized century is an important task for colleges and universities, and a considerable challenge—especially for community colleges, where... Read More
Florida International University

"Global Learning for Global Citizenship" at Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU), as its name suggests, was founded with a distinctly global outlook. The Miami-based university is known for its extensive area studies and diverse faculty and... Read More